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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Hord, Charles

45, Arncliffe Gardens, West Hartlepool
West Hartlepool

Lost on the steamship Daleby, of West Hartlepool. 

Charles Hord was born at Hartlepool in 1866, the son of George (a Master Mariner), and Eliza Charlotte Hord.

George appears to have been away at sea at the time of the 1871 Census, as this shows Eliza living in Hartlepool with her five children; Daughter Bentilla (aged 28), sons Waletr (13), Alfred (10), Charles (40, and William (1).

The 1881 Census shows George as Head of the House, living with wife Charlotte and two sons, Charles and William, at No.4, Henry Street, Hartlepool.

The 1891 Census shows Charles (now aged 24 and listed as a Seaman), and his younger brother William (an Assistant Grocer), living with the Sharp family, at No.25, Frederick Street, Hartlepool.
Charles clearly decided on a career at sea, and on August 7th, 1894, received his First Mate Certificate (or "Ticket").

On May 29th, 1900, Charles (now listed as living at No.12, Frederick Street), married Emily Robson, a local woman living at No.5, Lumley Street, Hartlepool, at St. Hilda's Church. Emily's father Michael, is listed as a Railway Engine Driver.

Charles appears to have been away at sea during at least part of 1911, as the Census for this year shows his wife Emily and their 2-year old son Charles Sydney, living with her parents at No.5 Lumley Street, Hartlepool.

On his death, Charles left the sum of £240 7s to his wife Emily, who is recorded as living at No.45, Arncliffe Gardens, West Hartlepool, at this time.