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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Walker, David

14, Little Street, Calton, Glasgow
West Hartlepool

David Walker was lost on the steamship Wathfield, of West Hartlepool on 21st February 1917 and it is interesting that he was on a West Hartlepool ship when, although he was born in the town, he had lived most of his life in Scotland. The ship was carrying a cargo of magnesite to Malta when it was sunk by a German submarine and all crew were lost.

David was the son of William Walker and his wife Jane,nee Robinson, both of Campbeltown Argyll. William was a coast guard, their first two children were born in Greenock on the Clyde and the third in nearby Gourock. Their next five children, including David, were born in Seaton Carew and they must have moved there from Scotland about 1869 as they are in South End Seaton on the 1871 census. David was baptised at Seaton Holy Trinity on December 4th 1977.

William Walker's parents were Neil Walker and his wife Catherine (nee Graham).

By 1881, they had returned to Campbeltown and were in Princes Street. William by then was only 42 but had a coast guard pension. By 1891 they were at the same address and young David was a shipyard apprentice.

By 1901, David Walker had moved to Govan, Glasgow and was with his wife Janet, also a native of Campbeltown, and two young children David aged 2 and Jean aged 1.

When David lost his life, his wife Janet Walker by then at 14, Little Street, Calton, Glasgow was informed.