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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Newlove, George Robinson

Able Seaman
41, Durham Street, West Hartlepool
Stockton on Tees

On 8th February, George Robinson Newlove was lost on the Tribal-class destroyer HMS Gurkha when she was destoyed in the English Channel. 

George was born in Stockton in May 1894 and was one of 11 children born to Alfred and Sarah Newlove. Nine of the eleven survived and the family moved from Stockton to Hartlepool around 1904, the youngest 3 siblings being born there.

In 1891, George's parents Alfred and Sarah were in Frances Street Stockton with Sarah's parents bricklayer Robinson Nelson and his wife  Margaret, both born in Stockton. Alfred and Sarah had been married in 1872 in St John the Baptist Church Stockton. Alfred was born in Stockton and  the son of Joseph Newlove from Witwang near Driffield and his Scottish wife Mary Ann Hillaby.

In 1901, Alfred, Sarah and their young family were still living in Frances Street and Alfred was an Ironworks labourer.

By 1911, when they were living in just 3 rooms in Durham Street West Hartlepool, there were some 12 people in the household from Alfred at 45 years down to a 2 month old grandaughter. In 1911, George Robinson Newlove was 16 and already given as 'in the Navy'.

On his death, his body was not recovered and his parents were informed at 41 Durham Street. He is remembered on the Portsmouth Memorial.