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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Hogg, Andrew

Stoker 1st Class
23, Albert Street, West Hartlepool
West Hartlepool

Andrew Hogg was born in West Hartlepool on 2nd September 1887 to Edward Hogg, a native of Berwick and his wife Ruth Hannah (nee Brown) of West Hartlepool who were married in 1882 in the town.

Edward had been married before and there were seemingly 9 children of the first marriage. He was born in 1843, so was some years older than Ruth his second wife who was born in 1862. There appear to be a further 8 children from this second marriage, as none of the names coincide!

Edward was a stocktaker in the shipyard,which suggests how he came to and settled in Hartlepool, where he lived in Dyke St, Mozart St and in 1911, Edwin St.

Andrew joined the Royal Navy in April 1908,his first ship being Acheron and, in 1911, he was 23 and on board HMS Implacable in Gibraltar as part of the Atlantic Fleet.

On 15th October 1914, he was on the old cruiser HMS Hawke which was on blockade duties between Shetland and Norway and was  off Aberdeen when attacked by the German submarine U9. The destroyer Swift was despatched from Scapa Flow and rescued 22 men, a Norwegian steamer a further 49, but 524 men from Hawke perished among them Andrew Hogg.


His mother Ruth, then at 23 Albert St, was informed of his death but no body was recovered. His name is on the Chatham Memorial.