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Bartholomew, Edward George

47, Lilley Street, West Hartlepool

ALSO KNOWN AS EDWARD GEORGE SALTHOUSE, Edward Bartholomew was lost on the battlecruiser HMS Invincible during the Battle of Jutland.

Why he used two names is rather unclear. His parents, Matthew Bartholomew a labourer from Folkestone married his mother Hartlepool born Mary Ellen, nee Evans, in Hartlepool in late 1890. In 1901, there were five children to the marriage, including Edward, and they were living in the Throston area of Hartlepool. The  log book of Throston School records young Edward a a persistent truant!

By 1911, the two oldest Bartholomew children, Matthew,19, and Eleanor, 20, were living with shipyard labourer Jonathan Nicholson Salthouse and his wife Catherine in Blandford St Throston,Hartlepool.

Jonathan was the son of Francis Salthouse of Seaham and in 1871 was living in Trimdon as a coalminer although he had been born in Hartlepool. The plot unthickens a bit  when, in 1881, Jonathan had moved back to Hartlepool and was in lodgings with 32 year old Catherine Evans who had a young 9 year old daughter Mary E Evans. Catherine was given as a sailor's wife so it can be assumed that her husband was at sea.

By 1891, Jonathan Salthouse was still living with Catherine Evans and she was by then his 'housekeeper'. By 1901 Catherine was given as his wife and Edward Bartholomew's eldest sister Eleanor was a 10 year old girl living with them.

It seems that Mr Salthouse was no blood relation, but the husband of the Bartholomew children's grandmother Catherine Evans, if the couple  indeed married. By the 1911 census, they declared they had been married 32 years which is incorrect. Jonathan Salthouse had no children and Catherine declared having one, presumably Mary Ellen, Edward George Bartholomew's mother.

In 1911, Matthew and Mary Ellen Bartholomew and the rest of their young family including Edward George were in Trimdon Grange where Matthew was a coal miner. This again links to the Salthouse connection. The couple had lost 3 of the 11 children of their marriage in infancy. 

When Edward died, the family were again in Hartlepool in Lilly St.

Further information on George Edward Bartholomew can be found at http://www.newmp.org.uk/article.php?categoryid=99&articleid=1393&display=30




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