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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Hudson, Thomas

Stoker 1st Class
7, Lilly Street

Thomas Hudson, a stoker, was lost on HMS Vanguard in Scapa Flow on 9th July 1917 when there was a catastrophic  explosion on board killing 804 men. 

Born in Hartlepool in 1897, he was the son of George Edward and Catherine Maria Hudson and was the second youngest of 9 children all of whom survived childhood. His parents had been married in April 1883 in Hartlepool. Catherine Maria (nee Close) was a native of the town and George was from Bromley, London.
The 1891 Census shows George and Maria living in Newcastle with their four children; Emily (aged 7), Jane (5), John George (3), and Willie (1).

The 1901 Census shows the family now living at No.5, Warren Street, Hartlepool. Daughter Emily is no longer listed as part of the household, but the family has grown with the addition of Harold (aged 9), Maggie (5), and Thomas (2). George (the father), is listed as a sea-going Fireman, while son John George is an Errand Boy at a local Timber Merchants. Daughter Jane (now aged 15), is listed as a General Domestic Servant.

The 1911 Census shows daughter Jane, and sons John George and William no longer part of the household, however, new additions are Florence (aged 9), and Isabella (7).
George is now listed as a General Labourer for the Borough Council, while his son Harold (now aged 19), is a Rivet Heater in a local shipyard. Thomas, now aged 13, is still at school.

When Thomas was killed at just 20 years of age, his mother was the Relative Informed, at the family address of No.7, Lilly Street, Hartlepool.
His name is recorded on the Chatham Memorial.