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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Mason, Frederick

18, Stockton Street
West Hartlepool

Lost on the armoured cruiser HMS Warrior.

Frederick Mason was born on the 9th Jan 1896 in West Hartlepool to Charles Mason of Whitby and his wife Elizabeth  also from Whitby who had been married there in 1874.

The couple appear to have had 9 children,although they state on 1911 census that they had 5, six were boys and three girls. Fred seems to have been the third youngest and he and two sisters after him were born in West Hartlepool. The others were born in Whitby and the oldest boy in Scarborough.

Charles Mason was a blacksmith and his occupation shoeing horses and in 1901, the family were in Warden Street moving to nearby Lister Street by 1911.

Frederick served on board HMS Warrior which took part in the Battle of Jutand. The ship was badly damaged on hitting a mine, was flooded then abandoned and sunk. Frederick Mason was not one of the lucky ones rescued and lost his life possibly through injuries and he was buried at sea.

His mother Elizabeth was informed of her son's death.

The Hartlepool Mail of June 8th, 1916, gives Frederick's address as 38, Bailey Street, West Hartlepool.