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Flintoff, John Scott

Sutton on the Forest Yorkshire

John Scott Flintoff was born to William Flintoff and his wife Mary Jane Scott in 1863 in Sutton on the Forest near York. The family moved around, living in both Cockerton and Darlington before settling in West Hartlepool. 

In 1881, they were in Florence Street, Longhill, Seaton Carew although for some reason the surname is given as SHARP which seems to have been an enumerator error as ALL names, dates and places of birth add up.

John Scott Flintoff married Delilah Foxall at St Paul's Hartlepool on April 8th 1890. In 1891 they were in Regents Place West Hartlepool and just after the census was taken, a daughter Florence was born. Sadly she died as a baby but another girl Deliliah was born in 1893 and a boy Thomas in 1895 both in Hartlepool. By 1897 the family were in Sunderland where John William was born in 1897.

Sadly in 1898, Delilah died and it is very possible that the children returned to Hartlepool to their grandfather and the rest of the family.

In 1901, it seems John Scott Flintoff was on board a ship as a donkey engineman in Granton Harbour, Cramond, Midlothian (now part of Edinburgh) In 1911, his widowed father William was in Garibaldi St Hartlepool with his daughter and John Scott's youngest son John William. Father William lived until 1921 and died in Hartlepool aged 82.

John Scott Flintoff died on 17th Oct 1917 when the Hartlepool ship Manchuria on which he was a donkeyman was hit by a German mine. His name is on the Tower Hill Memorial.