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Roll of Honour

Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Warden, George


Norfolk Chronicle, November 24th, 1860:
On Saturday a barque, named the "George Arkle," of Liverpool, while riding out the gale, parted from her anchors and drove against several other vessels—the ”Charlemagne," "Violet" and another brig, causing the others also to drag their anchors and to drift towards shore. The "Arkle" came on to the beach at about a quarter of mile south of Gorleston pier, where she at present remains. In the confusion, part of the crew of the Violet" took to their boat, but making the attempt, the cook, George Warden, of Hartlepool, fell overboard and was drowned. Every effort was made to save the unfortunate man, and he floated for a short time; but the sea ran so high that the effort was vain. The "Arkle" was bound to Bombay, from Shields, with coals. The "Violet" was brought into the harbour.