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Saint Hilda - a general history

Completed October 1872; Official No. 58765: Code Letters LMBG.

Owners: 1872 Jens C. Nielson, Hartlepool: 1876 Christian Nielson & Co, Hartlepool: 1889 Christian Nielsen & Son, West Hartlepool; 1895 AS DS Vesterhavet (J. Lauritzen) Esbjerg, Denmark–renamed Neptun

Masters: 1872-73 C Neilson: 1873-74 H Rodgaard (C.N. 97182): 1874 C Neilson: 1878-81 H Rodgaard: 1882 M Wandless: 1883 J Robinson: 1887-89 W Harrison: 1891-92 Norby: 1892-94 AJ Edwards: 1895-97 H Jessen: 1899-1900 ME Jorgensen: 1902 CN Gram: 1903 PL Winther; 1906 Knudsen.

Saint Hilda left Newport on 29 March 1874 bound for Taganrog & stranded at Cape Takil on 23 April. She was in danger of breaking up & salvage operations were extremely difficult.

‘Inquiry held at the Naval Court, Kertch on 30 April 1874.

Saint Hilda was bound from Constantinople for Taganrog, & when at the entrance to Kertch Strait, Black Sea on 23 April 1873, struck on some unknown danger, damaging 12 of her plates & making a hole on the port side. She was run on the beach for safety & after being lightened was taken to Kertch for repairs.

The Court came to the conclusion that, according to the bearings & distances given in the evidence, Saint Hilda must have struck upon some sunken rock or wreck not specified in the chart or book of instructions. They suggested that the British Government should request the Government of Russia to order a more accurate survey of sunken rocks from Cape Takli upwards.’

On 28 November 1874 Saint Hilda sank after a collision with the Dublin vessel Cymba in the Thames. She was refloated.


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