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Maese - a general history

Maese 1841-1880

Built at Yarmouth, Norfolk: Official No. 23801: Code Letters NTDQ: one deck; two masts; carvel built wood brig sheathed in yellow metal; 223g; 87.0 x 21.4 x 15.0; female bust figurehead; some repairs 1846, 1852, 1858, 1862 & 1866; repairs to damage 1863 & 1873; new keelson 1865.

Owners: 1842 Ringrose, Hull; 1853 Daniel Ellwood, Hartlepool; 1861 Robert Brewis, Hartlepool; by 1867 John Punshon Denton & William Gray, Hartlepool; November 1869 Thomas Barnard (died 13 February 1872) West Hartlepool; 1872 James Granger & Matthew Storm (Robin Hood’s Bay) Hartlepool; March 1875 William Emmerson & William Granger Barnard, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1842-53 Lawson; 1853-53 Timothy Maloney; January 1854 James Stewart; July 1854-57 Christopher Dagliesh; 1858-60 J Burch; 1861 J Cleet; 1861-63 J Brewis; 1863-65 A Harold; 1865 J Oats; 1865 McIntosh; 1866 Softley; 1866-70 J Brewis; 1870 W Moorsom; 1871-80 William Emmerson.

Voyages: 1842 Hull for Rotterdam; 1865 Hartlepool for the Mediterranian; 1866 Hartlepool for the Baltic; 1 June 1863 On a voyage from Sunderland for Galatz with a cargo of coal she was in distress off Cape Trafalgar. The Belgian steamer Lion grounded her off Puntales to prevent her sinking; 1872-73 Newcastle-on-Tyne coaster.

On a voyage from Gefle for Sunderland with a cargo of iron & deals & a crew of six Maese caught fire on the morning of 28 September 1880. The fire was thought to be extinguished but flared up again the same afternoon. With her sails on fire the vessel became unmanageable, grounded & was totally lost to the north of Hasle on the Island of B.holm. No lives lost.

Crew 1878;       Pearson, Richardson, able seaman

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