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Thornaby (1889) - a general history

Shields Daily Gazette, Friday, October 19th, 1900:
A HARTLEPOOL STEAMER ASHORE. The steamer Thornaby, of West Hartlepool, 1,200 tons register, owned by Ropner and Company, from Archangel to Bordeaux with timber, in making Lowestoft for coal yesterday morning, ran ashore on the north beach. Two tugs went to her assistance, but did not succeed in moving her. Her deck cargo was jettisoned, and the vessel floated on the flood-tide. She was brought up in the south toads with a heavy list to port.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, Monday, December 19th, 1910:
LOCAL VESSEL’S BUFFETING. News reached South Shields on Saturday that the West Hartlepool steamer Thornaby, which is a local trader, and owned by Messrs. Robert Ropner and Son, had reached Brest after encountering the full blast the storm. The Thornaby, which was bound to Italy, was seen by the s.s. Kildonan Castle in distress some 40 miles from Ushant with hatches stove in. The master of the Kildonan Castle informed the owners of the Thornaby by means of a wireless message of their vessel’s predicament, and news arrived on Saturday that the Thornaby had made for Brest to effect repairs.

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