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Memorial Cards A-C

NAME Date of death age Further notes on card Image number
Ainsley Joseph 7th April 1885 3 years  son of Thomas and Mary Ainsley WO4409
Ainsley William May 6th 1876 31 yrs of Thornley WO4323
Ainslie John 25th Aug 1880 69 years   WO4427
Alderson John Nov 24th 1867 60 yrs   WO4304
Allen Lillian Jane 16th Nov 1887 6yrs 3mths daughter of George and Jane Allen. Interred 16th Nov 1887 WO4390
Anderson Henry Nov 25th 1865 42 yrs drowned at sea WO4305
Angus Priscilla Dec 23rd 1889 52 yrs interred 26th Broomhaugh. From Sheraton Cottage Castle Eden WO4396   WO4357
Angus Sarah Jun 22nd 1906 b. 3rd Dec 1843 of Sheraton Cottage Castle Eden, interred at Broomhaugh, Riding Mill (2 cards wording slightly different) WO4426  WO4368
Appleby  Elizabeth Nov 8th 1874 82 yrs widow of John Appleby of Castle Eden WO4378
Appleby  John Dec 24th 1866 82 yrs of Wingate WO4305
Appleby Elizabeth Nov 9th 1874   mother of John Appleby interred at Castle Eden 12 Nov WO4325
Appleton William Oct 7th 1911 33 yrs husband of Sarah Jane Appleton of Hartlepool WO4349
Armour James Sep 16th 1880 35 yrs husband of Mary Armour of Hartlepool WO4371
Armour Joseph Nov 8th 1881 62 yrs of Hartlepool WO4370
Armstrong John Aug 22nd 1878 28 yrs of Hartlepool WO4321
Armstrong Mary July 4th  1870 72 years wife of John  Armstrong Brougham St WO4395
Armstrong Thomas May 22 nd 1880 49 yrs of Wheatley Hill interred Wingate Churchyard May 26th WO4343
Ayre Richard May 12th 1885 66 yrs of 44 Middlegate Hartlepool. Interred at Hornby 15th May WO4327
Backham Wallace Creak Sep 9th 1890 17 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4321
Bahnsen Francis Portofee  Aug 28th  1904 9 yrs son of Peter & Allie Bahnsen of West Hartlepool . Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery Wo4313
Bailey Sarah Jan 28th 1888 55 yrs wife of Frederic Bailey of Hartlepool . Interred 31st 1888 WO4344
Bainbridge Cutter Sep 10th 1873 45 yrs Killed at Thrislington Colliery WO4344
Bainbridge Elizabeth Feb 7th 1874 7 months   WO4344
Bargewell Frederick GWT 4th Dec 1882 26 years husband of Eleanor Bargewell  of Hartlepool died at hospital at Rostock Mecklenburg WO4418
Barker Catherine Anna 24th Oct 1882 43 years wife of late Joseph Barker WO4413
Barker James Joseph Jun 28th 1889 43 yrs husband of Mary Barker. Interred at Chingford Mount, Essex 5th Jul 1889 WO4378
Barker Mary Jane 20th June 1864 21 years interred Old Trimdon Church WO4413
Barker William James 25th March 1892 Aged 20 years eldest son of late James Barker of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool 29th WO4398
Barnard Jane 7th April 1892 Aged 53 years wife of William WO4398
Barrass Alice 25th Nov 1891 Aged 37 years   WO4397
Barton John 21st April 1881 4 months son of James ? and Margaret Barton WO4397
Bates Joseph 26th October 1859 27 years lost his life on the wreck of Royal Charter on passage from  Australia to England WO4397
Belk Eve 30th November 1881 64 years wife of Thomas Belk  of Hartlepool WO4397
Bell John 7th March 1871 51 years   WO4397
Bell Miss Apr 16th 1908   48 Walnut St Southport WO4340
Bell William Jul 3rd 1870 32 yrs accidentally killed at West Hartlepool WO4377
Benbow Hannah Dec 29th 1871 85 yrs wife of Thomas  Benbow. Mother of Thomas Benbow WO4325
Benbow Thomas Dec 7th 1846 65 yrs husband of Hannah Benbow. Father of Ann Rees WO4325
Bennett John Apr 22nd 1874 14 yrs son of Robert and Mary Bennett of Hartlepool WO4378
Best Mary Oct 4th 1890 49 yrs wife of James Best. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Oct 7th 1890 WO4308  WO4291
Binney John Jan 7th 1857 23 yrs interred South Hetton Church WO4377
Blance William May 28th 1860 40 yrs washed off the wreck of Jane Green and drowned off Blackhall Rocks WO4291
Bland Emma Jun 2nd 1881 66 yrs relict of Wellburn Bland of Scarborough WO4320
Bland Welburn Jun 16th 1902 52 yrs husband of Sarah Hannah Bland . Cortege to leave 60 Northgate interred Hartlepool 19th June WO4370
Blinkey William May 2nd 1888 55 yrs of The Garden of Eden Castle Eden. Interred Castle Eden Churchyard May 6th 3.30pm WO4335
Blogg John Henry Dec 11th 1879 1 yr of Hartlepool WO4308
Blogg John Thomas Jan 26th 1877 2 yrs 10mths son of John Henry & Ann Blogg interred Masbro' Cemetery 29th WO4343
Boagey Hannah Sep 8th 1870 31 yrs wife of late Thomas  Boagey WO4376
Bolam Elizabeth Ann Dec 22nd 1880 36 yrs wife of John George Bolam died at Hartlepool WO4303
Bolam Mary Ann Nov 19th 1881 77 yrs   WO4306
Bolton Anthony Thomas 21st Dec 1888 81 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery Dec 23rd WO4307
Booth Barbara Jun 29th 1890 42 yrs   WO4308
Bovil Frederick Oct 3rd 1869 29 yrs native of Yarm WO4305
Bowman Matthew Cook Jun 3rd 1881 39 yrs   WO4307
Bowser Frances Nov 29th 1875 64 yrs widow of William Bowser of Hartlepool WO4344
Boyd  Frances Eliza Dec 14th 1869 15 yrs daughter of Abraham and Jane Boyd WO4308
Bradforth Elizabeth Jul 17th 1860 32 yrs Interred at Greatham Cemetery on 21st July WO4312
Bradley Mary Jane Mar 6th 1880   born 13th Sep 1870 daughter of John and Elizabeth A Bradley of Crimdon House WO4315
Braid George Oct 1st 1856 58 yrs father of George Braid WO4315
Braid George Feb 1857 15 yrs lost at sea. Son of George Braid WO4315
Braithwaite Ellen Mar 5th 1885 21 yrs wife of John George Braithwaite WO4313
Braithwaite Mabel 25th Nov 1887 1 yr 9 mths daughter of John Henry and Mary Jane Braithwaite. Interred at Hartlepool Cemetery on 28th WO4338
Bramley Margaret Ann Nov 27th 1881 22 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery 30th WO4365
Briggs James Aug 19th 1892 46 yrs Husband of Mary Elizabeth Briggs of Sunderland WO4313
Broadrick Hannah Aug 30th 1881 35 yrs wife of John Scott Broadrick of Hartlepool WO4314
Broadrick Hannah 2nd Dec 1872 60 years wife of John Broadrick of Hartlepool, late of Scarborough. Interred 5th Dec WO4422
Brotherton Elizabeth Dec 29th 1865 45 yrs of Newcastle on Tyne WO4324
Brown Dorothy May 16th 1860 24 yrs wife of Isaac Brown of Hutton Henry WO4376
Brown Matthew Jnr Jan 12th 1867 23 yrs of Middlethorpe WO4324
Brown Mr and Mrs JW     38 Milbank  Cres, thanking for kindness shown in their sorrow WO4345
Bruce William Nov 6th 1886 60 yrs husband of Elizabeth. Interred Old Southgate November 12th WO4324
Bullous Hilda May 26th 1901 4th year daughter of James and Mary Bullous WO4311
Bulmer Jonathan Aug 14th 1870 63 yrs Master Mariner WO4368
Bunter Mary Jul 18th 1884 62 yrs wife of John Bunter formerly of Sunderland WO4304
Bunton Frederick May 18th 1881 47 yrs husband of Jane WO4355
Bunton Jane Mar 1st 1885 30 yrs wife of Frederick James Bunton WO4303
Burgess William Jun 20th 1888 49 yrs from effects of an accident WO4303
Burleston Eleanor Jul 4th 1867 85 yrs wife of William Burleston of Trim…. Mile End WO43789
Burn Edward Percy Nov 21st 1887   son of John and Sarah Burn born 23rd Feb 1887. Interred Hartlepool  Cemetery 23rd Nov WO4365
Burney William Hodgson Dec 17th 1866 32 yrs   WO4354  WO4303
Burnicle Addison Apr 16th 1881 69 yrs of Hartlepool late master mariner WO4385
Burton Margaret Jane Sep 17th 1892 26 yrs wife of John Francis Burton of Hartlepool interred Hpool Cemetery WO4304
Burton Marshall 23rd Nov 1871 70 years   WO4393
Butler Ann Jan 6th 1886 49 yrs wife of John Butler of Hartlepool WO4335
Butterfield Sarah Ellen Dec 23rd 1869 17 mths child of Charles & Jane Butterfield WO4381
Butterwick Simon 10th Feb 1871 14 yrs son of Richard and Lette Butterwick. Lost in 'The Delta' at Bridlington and interred in the churchyard there Feb 14th WO4389
Cable Mary Elizabeth Nov 26th 1874 1 yr 6 mths daughter of Richard and Rosalind Cable of Hartlepool WO4375
Cable William Charles Jan 18th 1881 45 yrs lost on a voyage from Hartlepool to London on brig 'Deptford' of Whitby WO4375
Cameron George Jul 30th 1863   Wholesale stationer 162 Renfrew St Glasgow WO4422
Carr John George Jan 12th 1890 25 yrs son of late Nicholas and Jane Carr interred Priceburg Cemetery USA WO4357
Carr Margaret Alice Feb 2nd 1883 27 yrs wife of Cuthbert Carr of Hartlepool WO4375
Carrell John Aug 25th 1870 51 yrs   WO4375
Carter Jane Feb 9th 1913 62 yrs widow of late William Carter of Hartlepool. Cortege to leave 57 Cleveland Rd Feb 13th  at 2.30 pm. WO4333
Carter John William Nov 8th 1888 26 yrs husband of Janet Carter of Hartlepool WO4323
Carter John William Nov 9th 1888 26 yrs son of Johnson and Sarah Ann Carter. Cortege from Beaconsfield St to Hartlepool Cemetery on 12th WO4327
Carter Robert Henry Sep 11th 1882   born Sep 11th 1882. Son of William and Jane Carter and interred Hartlepool Cemetery 30th March WO4350
Carter William Wilkinson Jul 15th 1867 25 yrs   WO4315
Cartwright Dora May (Popsy) Jan 26th 1888   daughter of John C Cartwright of Hartlepool born May 6th 1884 WO4312
Cartwright Sarah May 4th 1891 68 yrs wife of William Cartwright late of Riccall and formerly of Trimdon. Interred in Hartlepool 6th May WO4312
Cartwright William Jan 6th 1892 65 yrs late station master at Riccall . Died at Newcastle interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4315
Chambers William Henry M Apr 12th 1890 58 yrs of West Hartlepool WO4312
Chapman Amy Alice Aug 6th 1882 16 mths child of Thomas and Mary Chapman WO4355
Chapman Henry Oct 8th 1865 31 yrs   WO4315
Charlton Coles Adolphus 5th June 1916 25 years second son of Alfred and Kate. Lieutenant R.N.R. Lost on HMS Hampshire . 7 Northgate Hartlepool WO4411 & WO4412
Chatton James Oct 5th1892 53 yrs husband of Elizabeth Chatton of North Eastern Terrace, Hartlepool. Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery WO4310
Chisholm John Joseph Jun 12th 1872 10 mths   WO4325  WO4317
Christopher William Jul 22nd 1891 71 yrs SEE Hebenton Thomas on reverse WO4375
Clancy Margaret May 7th 1878 21 yrs interred at Accrington Cemetery of 9th WO4330
Clare Patrick Dec 1871 1 and half mths   WO4316
Clark Elizabeth 14th Apr 1884 6 yrs dau. Of William and Mary Jane Clark WO4384
Clark Elizabeth Jan 7th 1878 1 yrs dau. Of Robert and Mary Ann Clark WO4384
Clark Ellen Mar 6th 1888 62 yrs of Kelloe. Interment Thornley Mar 9th . Will leave residence 2 pm. WO4385
Clark Mary Jane Apr 20th 1885 9 mths daughter of William and Mary Jane Clark of Castle Eden Colliery WO4383
Clark Robert  Jan 13th 1892   husband of Sarah Clark of Hartlepool Cortege to leave 7 Dock St Throston. Interred Hartlepool on 17th Jan WO4386
Clark Thomas 4th Jan 1855 33 years   WO4409
Clarke John Apr 7th 1887 80 yrs of Barnard Castle died at Hartlepool interred Woodhouse Cemetery Leeds WO4383
Cleet Hannah Dec 7th 1856 36 yrs wife of James Cleet.Also her daughters Mary Ann Cleet , Sarah Margaret Cleet, Hannah Cecilia Cleet WO4372
Cleet Hannah Cecilia Jun 16th 1857 7 mths dau of Hannah and James Cleet WO4372
Cleet Mary Ann Mar 7th 1846 7 mths dau of Hannah and James Cleet WO4372
Cleet Sarah Margaret Feb 10th 1872 3 yrs 10 mths 10 day dau of Hannah and James Cleet WO4372
Clunes John May 8th 1858 38 yrs Master Mariner of Hartlepool WO4386
Cockburn James Jan 30th 1858 6 yrs son of James and Margaret Cockburn Jnr interred Hartlepool Cem WO4298
Cockburn James 30th Jun 1858 6 yrs son of James and Margaret Cockburn interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4380
Cockburn James Dunlop Dec 30th 1885 6 mths son of John and Margaret Cockburn of Hartlepool WO4322
Connor John Thomas 13th May 1886 6 months son of John and Henrietta Connor. Interred Ryhope Cemetery May 18th WO4388
Cook Mary Ann 13th May 1905 62 years of Hartlepool. Relict of the late Thomas Cook WO4388
Cook Thomas 5th Jan 1889 41 yrs husband of Mary Ann of Hartlepool WO4299
Cook Thomas 28th Oct 1875 49 yrs   WO4300
Cooper Charles Darwent 7th Oct 1871 2yrs 4 mths son of Charles William and Sarga Ann Cooper, Interred West Hpool Cemetery WO4374
Cooper Ethel Constance Mabel May 15th 1896 6 mths daughter  of Joseph and Margaret Jane Cooper WO4315
Cooper S.H. Jul 29th 1874 65 yrs chemist of West Hartlepool WO4296
Cordukes Rachel Nov 15th 1858 16 months   WO4375
Cordukes William James 17th Aug 1861 3 mths   WO4375  WO43231
Corner John May 13th 1867 47 yrs of Sheraton WO4372
Corner Margaret Jane Mar 5th  1890 22 yrs daughter of W Corner. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Mar 9th WO4356
Corner Robert 27th Jun 1883 48 yrs of Sheraton WO4319
Cornforth Mrs E     107 High St Hartlepool. Expressing thanks for sympathy WO4341
Cornforth T E Mar 29th 1887     WO4358
Cornforth Thomas Edward 29th Mar 1887 57 yrs of Hartlepool. Cortege to leave St Mary's Church 11.45 am Apr 1st WO4319
Coulson Cuthbert 27th Nov 1881 56 yrs of Hartlepool WO4298
Coverdale John Nov 13th 1870 30 yrs also John Coverdale aged 3yrs 5 mths WO4354
Coverdale John Jul 3rd 1874 3 yrs 5 mths son of John Coverdale WO4354
Coward Mary (Minnie) 23rd Aug 1887 18 yrs eldest daughter of Rebecca and late William Coward WO4298
Coward Rebecca Eveline 16th July 1890 15 yrs 4 mths (Lena) 4th daughter of Rebecca and late William Coward of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 19th Jun 1890 WO4299
Cox John Fenby 22nd Dec 1889 37 yrs Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Dec 25th WO4300
Cox Mary 13th Nov 1870 62 yrs of Hartlepool WO4299
Cox Mrs Nov 15th 1870   funeral invitation from South Hetton Office Hartlepool WO4374
Cox Sarah Mary 8th Nov 1888 17 months interred in Hartlepool Cemetery WO4388
Creasor Catherine 9th Apr 1870 62 yrs wife of William Creasor WO4390
Croudace Jane 4th Apr 1892 82 years of Monk Hesleden interred there April 7th 3.30pm WO4388
Croudace John 1st Apr 1892 54 years of Monk Hesleden interred there April 4th 3.30pm WO4388
Curry John Thomas 26th Nov 1860 5 years son of H and M Curry WO4410

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