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Aboyne - a general history

Aboyne 1814-1865

Aberdeen: Official No. 22467: Code Letters NLPS: one deck with beams; two masts; square stern; carvel built oak wood brig; copper fastened; 151g; 75.4 x 20.4 x 13.0;  new deck & large repairs 1843; repairs 1830, 1841 & 1849.

Owners: 1814 R Guthe, J Phillips, J Leslie & Co, Aberdeen; 1823 J Strachan & Co, Aberdeen; April 1829 George & Matthew Lamb & Co, Durham; by 1843 G Billing, King’s Lynn; February 1853 Richard Raithby Hoodless (farmer) North Somercoates; February 1854 George Denton & Robert Elstob Hutton, Hartlepool; March 1854 George Denton, Robert Elstob Hutton & Elizabeth Hutton Wilkinson (Craythorne, York), Hartlepool; 1860 George Denton, Elizabeth Hutton Wilkinson & George Wilkinson, Hartlepool; 1862 John Wilkinson (Craythorne, York), John Punshon Denton & John Elstob Hutton, Hartlepool; July 1862 John Punshon Denton, John Elstob Hutton (Hartlepool) & William Marsingale Wilkinson, Manchester .

Masters: 1814 Thomas Ninean; 1815-22 Alexander Leslie; 1823-28 Thomas Ninean; 1822 J Walker; 1829 George Morrison; 1829-32 M Lamb; 1833-38 G Foster; 1843 Rayne; 1843-50 C Billing; 1851-53 J Billing; 1853 George Storrow; 1853-56 J Johnston; 1865 W Garret; 1865 Benvin.

Voyages: 1814-18 London to Ceylon & Colombo; 1819-20 London for Copenhagen; 1822 London for Marseilles; 1824 Aberdeen for St John’s, New Brunswick; February 1853 stranded near Grimsby & declared a wreck. She was towed off on 29 March & towed into Grimsby.

On a voyage from Hartlepool for London with a cargo of coal Aboyne sprang a leak & foundered near Spurn Rock at the mouth of the Humber on 28 October 1865. The crew left in their longboat & after a gruelling four hours at sea in the dark they were picked up by a smack & landed at Grimsby. The vessel was insured with local clubs. No lives were lost.

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