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Emma - a general history

Emma 1824-?

River Tyne: Official No. 22481: Code Letters NLQR: one deck with beams; two masts; square stern; carvel built wood snow sheathed in copper; keel 17; 151.29g; 75.6 x 19.5 x 13.5.

Owners: 1827-37 Price & Co, London; February 1845 Francis ?Garnttell (coal merchant, Portsea, Southampton) Portsmouth; December 1849 John Punshon Denton, Hartlepool; March 1850 John Punshon Denton & George Denton, & Robert Wilson, Hartlepool; May 1853 George Denton, Hartlepool; May 1858-70 George Copley Garbutt, Whitby.

Masters: March 1850 Robert Wilson; December 1851-53 Charles Farnie; 1855 John Farnie; 1857 Brown; 1859-64 George Copley Garbutt (b. 1810 Whitby); 1865-74 Avery.

1860 insured with Hartlepool Mutual Marine Association for £500-value £900.

On a voyage from Fecamp for Hartlepool Emma went ashore at Walde on 17 November 1861. Crew saved.

On 17 November 1874 she was towed into Yarmouth totally dismasted & with loss of bowsprit.

Not on the British Register as Emma by 1875 so may have been condemned after damage.

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