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Jane - a general history

Jane 1828-1857

Clare, Nova Scotia: Official No. 5225: Code Letters JGSH: one deck; two & trysail masts; square rigged; square stern; carvel built black birch, pine & hackmatack wood barque; 268g; 95.5 x 23.3 x 13.0.

Owners: 1828 registered at Halifax, Nova Scotia Official No. 9013796 Thompson, Liverpool, Halifax; 1833 Cunnard, Halifax; 1837 Gray, London; 1845 John Punshon Denton, Thomas Rowell (bank agent), Thomas Sanderson (grocer) & William Garrick, Hartlepool; 1845 Jacob Allison (butcher) William Garrick & Thomas Rowell, Hartlepool; 1845 Jacob Allison, William Garrick & Robert Hunter (harbour master), Hartlepool; 1853 Elizabeth Rowell (gentlewoman) & Jacob Allison, West Hartlepool.

Masters: 1830-32 R Baird; 1835-36 McCloud; 1837 Last; 1845 Thomas Fairburn; January 1846 James Alder; April 1846 Alexander Pirie; November 1849 Francis Walter; 1850 Andrew Garrick (C.N. 7606 London 1853); February 1852 John Murray; April 1852 William Marten; October 1852 John Murray; July 1853-55 Andrew Garrick; April 1855 William Conolly.

Voyages: 1835 London for New York.

On a voyage from Hartlepool for Bordeaux with a cargo of coal Jane drove onshore a derelict on the rocks near the Tower of St Denis, Ile d’Oleron on 5 April 1857.

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