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Margaret - a general history

Margaret 1829-1858

Quebec: Official No. 2004: Code Letters HMJP: one deck; three masts; oak & elm wood barque; 24 keels; 312t; 104.4 x 25.8 x 17.9; some repairs 1838.

Owners: 1830 J Bell & Co; 1832 H Craig; 1837 J Mills, Liverpool; 1843 H Cross, London; October 1846 William Anderson junior, Newcastle-on-Tyne; October 1846 William Anderson junior, William Anderson (Byker) & George Clark (Walker) Newcastle-on-Tyne; February 1849 John Ingo, William Doeg & John Skelton, Newcastle-on-Tyne; March 1849 John Skelton, Newcastle-on-Tyne; March 1849 John Ingo, William Doeg, James Brown, John Hopper, John Shotton, George Barras & Thomas Gibson, Newcastle-on-Tyne; April 1852 Thomas Gibson, Andrew McLeod & Robert Storer, North Shields; April 1855 Thomas Gibson & Robert Storer, North Shields; March 1856 Frederick Storey, Hartlepool; April 1857 John Punshon Denton, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1830 J Gellatly; 1831 A Neilson; 1832-37 W Burton; 1838-42 Burgh; 1843-46 H Cross; October 1846 John Cobby; March 1849 George Barras; May 1852 James Burn; September 1852 William Pearson Briggs; May 1853 Robert Duncan; August 1854 Charles Robinson.

Voyages: 1830 Dundee for Quebec; 1831 Liverpool for Quebec; 1833 Liverpool for Montreal.

Margaret was lost on Scroby Sands near the Cockle Light Vessel at Winterton-on Sea on 4 January 1858.  The crew of 10 were saved by the Yarmouth yawl Twilight. The crew of the yawl were awarded £8 between them & £5 for damage to their vessel paid from the Mercantile Marine Fund.  

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