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Rimswell - a general history

Rimswell 1826-1867

Hull: Official No. 12708: Code Letters LCWF: one deck; three masts; wood barque; 436g; 108.6 x 29.4 x 19.6.

Owners: Hull; 1861 John Punson Denton, Hartlepool; February 1863 RW Richardson, Sunderland; February 1863 John Walton, Sunderland; December 1865-68 RS Donkin, North Shields.

Masters: 1865 Weatherhead; 1867 Wilkinson.

January 1867 James Carnagie & John Robertson, apprentices, were sentenced to four months in prison for having deserted from Rimswell.

On a voyage from Cronstadt for Grimsby with a cargo of deals Rimswell went ashore at Malmo in December 1867. The crew were thought to all be from Dundee. The crew, who were all from Dundee, were saved & landed at Gothenburg on 16 December.

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