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Virago - a general history

Virago 1852-?

Saint Valery sur Somme, France: previously Jeune Arthur: Official No. 6124: Code Letters JMNF: one deck; two & trysail masts; carvel built wood barque felt sheathed in zinc; 261g; 95.8 x 23.6 x 14.7; female bust figurehead; lengthened & raised 1854.

Owners: Abbeville; 1854 John Punshon Denton, Hartlepool; August 1854 Bartholomew Wetherall (brewer) Hartlepool; 1870-76 James Duke Hill (Coal Exchange, London) Hartlepool.

Masters: 1854 Samual Pethey; April 1855-57 Henry Parsell (Glasgow); 1857 Samuel Pethey; 1858-61 T Fairburn; 1861-65 J Barnard; 1865-70 T Fairburn; 1871-72 Eli Courtney; 1875-76 Holmes.

March 1876 from Rouen for London she put into Newhaven leaky & with two & a half feet of water in her hold; April 1878 John Downey, carpenter, was commited to prison for eight weeks for refusing to join his vessel after signing articles & receiving an advance.

Not on the British Register as Virago by 1879.

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