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Memorial Cards D-G

Dale George Feb 28th 1882 64 yrs of Hartlepool cortege from 41 Baltic St and interred Hartlepool Cemetery Fri 3rd March WO4349  
Dale William Jul 1st 1871 3 yrs 9 mths son of Robert and Ann Mothersdale WO4302  
Darling Richard Mar 28th 1874 62 yrs of Trimdon Grange WO4305  
Davidson Emma Sep 5th 1883 25 yrs wife of Alexander Davidson WO4303  
Davies Edward May 24th 1877 56 yrs husband of Sidonia Davis WO4364  
Davis John April 26th 1886 63 yrs Fish salesman late of Scarborough. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 29th April WO4348  
Davison Ann Dec 30th 1888 59 yrs wife of Thomas Davison of Wingate WO4306  
Davy Josiah Feb 3rd 1864 66 yrs late of Leeds. Interment to take place Seaton Carew 8th WO4348  
Dawson Ada     daughter of Thomas and Margaret Dawson WO4307  
Dawson Margaret Mar 19th 1882 33 yrs wife of Thomas Davison  of Hartlepool. Interred Hpool Cemetery 22 nd Mar WO4307  
Day Thomas Aug 19th 1878 69 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery 22nd Aug 1878 WO4324  
Deane Hannah June 14th 1892   born Feb 25th 1826 wife of Henry Palmer Deane of Hart. Interred Hart Churchyard Jun 17th 3 o' clock WO4369  
Deason Joseph J Apr 28th 1896 32 yrs Chief Eng 4th son of Thomas & Mary Deason of Longwood, St Helena. Husband of Emmeline dau of  late G Dormand Hpool. Interred Hpool WO4368  
Dee John Mar 11th 1860 22 yrs of Greatham WO4351  
Dennis Jane Aug 16th 1883 60 yrs wife of Francis Dennis of Hartlepool WO4348  
Dent Lily May 16 th 1890 1 year 8 months Daughter of William and Elizabeth Lancaster of West Hartlepool WO4404  
Derwent Lydia Apr 27th 1887 70 yrs wife of Charles Derwent of Wingate WO4326  
Dickinson Margaret Jan 24th 1873 22 yrs   WO4290  
Dixon Barbara Louisa Dec 22nd 1891 46 yrs wife of Isaac Dixon WO4290  
Dixon Isaac Robinson Dec 8th 1861 2 yrs 2 mths son of Isaac and Sarah Dixon WO4291  
Dixon Joseph Jun 23rd 1871 69 yrs of Copely WO4324  
Dixon Levi Robinson Dec 4th 1866 3 yrs 10 mths son of Isaac and Sarah Dixon WO4290  
Dixon Mary Feb 25th 1867 63 yrs wife of Simon Dixon WO4376  
Dixon Sophia Nov 30th 1861 9 mths 6 wks infant dau of Isaac & Sarah Dixon WO4290  
Dobbing Thomas Jun 22nd 1887 46 yrs Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Sat 25th Jun WO4375  
Dodd Elizabeth Emily May 28th 1887 10yrs  on the eve of her 10th birthday. Daughter of William & Jane Dodd WO4319  
Dodds Christina May 1st 1890 4  and half years fell asleep WO4369  
Doodes Mary Sep 13th 1878 18 mths daughter of John & Elizabeth Doodes WO4320  
Dormand Charles Aug 11th 1890 34 yrs Chief Engineer2nd son of George and Sarah Dormand of Hartlepool drowned on SS Halcyon in collision off coast of Spain WO4369  
Douglass Thomas 20th Dec 1854 57 years late of Whitby died West Hartlepool WO4400  
Dowell John Smith 17th Aug 1864 16 years of Castle Eden WO4322  
Down Catherine, Lady Stourton Dec 27th 1862 84 yrs see  also Hon Apollonia Stourton WO4331  
Dring Michael Aug 2nd 1851 2 yrs 7 mths interred West Hartlepool Cemetery WO4377  
Duffin Lewrey Mar… 1878 3 yrs 11 mths daughter of John and Catherine Jane Duffin WO4355  
Duffin Thomas Holmes   6 yrs  son of John and Catherine Jane Duffin WO4389  
Dunn Ann 2nd Jun 1867 75 years   WO4323  
Dunn Sarah Ann 16th Oct 1871 Aged 11 years daughter of Thomas and Hannah Dunn died at Coxhoe WO4398  
Eden Jane 16th Dec 1855 19 years   WO4323  
Edger Dora Frances 25th May 1888 Aged 7 years child of Catherine and Robert of Hartlepool WO4399  
Edger Paul Maude 7th Jan 1889   MRCS LSA London  interred Hartlepool Cemetery 10th WO4398  WO4395  
Elders Joseph 17th Aug 1870 37 years   WO4322  
Elgie Mary May 20th 1870 38 yrs wife of George Elgie of Hart Churchyard WO4343  
Elgie Simon Nov 29th 1876 93 yrs of Cowling Hill WO4355  WO4316  
Ellis Hugh 29th Jan 1867 Aged 48 yrs died at Sherburn Hill interred Feb 1st S…… Church WO4399  
Embleton Mary Ann 11th Aug 1888 Aged 46 years wife of John Embleton of Hartlepool WO4398  
Emerson Ann Elizabeth 20th Nov 1860 11 months Daughter of Moses and Sarah WO4399  
Emerson Bethalina 24th Aug 1867 3 months Daughter of Moses and Sarah WO4399  
Emerson Frederick 18th Mar 1871 18 months Son of Moses and Sarah WO4399  
Emerson Joseph 25th August 1855 infancy Son of Moses and Sarah WO4399  
Emerson William 1st Jan 1855 Aged 3 months Son of Moses and Sarah WO4399  
Emmerson Francis 13th May 1874 52 years of Hulam.Interred Monk Hesleden 17th at 12 a.m. WO4406  
Erridge Isaac 26th Sep 1861 (hole where age is) Mariner of Hartlepool died at Yarmouth WO4408  
Farley William 6th Dec 1873 18yrs 11 mths of Hartlepool WO4428  
Farnaby Mabel 10th Nov 1880 67 years   WO4429  
Fathers Anne Oct 23rd 1876 7 mths died at Trimdon Grange WO4355 WO4323  
Fawcett Ralph Sep 12th 1881 49 yrs husband of Jane Fawcett. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 15th WO4329  
Featherstone Harriet Jan 26th 1873 36 yrs wife of John Featherstone of Hartlepool WO4343  
Fenwick Rosa 3rd Feb 1876 29 years died at Hart. Wife of William Fenwick WO4428  
Ferguson John 22nd Jan 1870 67 years Interred  at Carlton WO4428  
Ferguson Patrick 3rd Sep 1904 48 years husband of Eliza Ferguson of Station Town Wingate. Interred Hutton Henry Catholic Cemetery 6th Sep WO4423  
Ferrier Mary Sep 21st 1888   relict of Henry Ferrier late of Barnard Castle died at Hartlepool  died at Hartlepool 107 High St 25th Sep WO4374  
Firth Anna Sophia 1st Jan 1889 36 years wife of Henry Firth died at Hartlepool WO4408  
Fitzpatrick Charles Bernard 26th Nov 1888 33 years of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 28th Nov 1888 WO4407 WO4349  
Fordham Elizabeth 5th Jun 1883 62 years wife of George Fordham of Hartlepool WO4409  
Forslind Harriet Jan 30th 1890 40 yrs wife of Charles Albert Forslind of West Hartlepool Feb 1st 3 pm. Cortege to leave 73 Thornton St  WO4356  
Forster Edward Apr 27th 1886 50 yrs interred North Cemetery Darlington. Cortege to leave 22 Wales St 3 pm. WO4428 WO4327  
Forster Robert (Robbie) 10th Jun 1885 b. Dec 11th 1880 youngest son of Robert and Susannah Forster WO4418  
Forsyth Mary Ann Mar 12th 1899   born 1st Jan 1913 of 48 Leazes Terrace Newcastle on Tyne. Interred Jesmond Cemetery Mar 15th WO4347  
Fortune Frederick George 5th Sep 1890 30 years Husband of Dorothy Fortune 39 Everard St WO4418 WO4322  
Foster Ann 30th Jan 1888 61 yrs wife of Thomas Foster Castle Eden  Colliery WO4299  
Foster Ann 11th Jun 1890 59 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery cortege leaves 132 Durham St WO4299  
Foster Charles Nov 10th 187--? 32 yrs murdered Colchester State of Illinois USA WO4364  
Fox James Jul 10th 1884 7 yrs  son of Patrick & Mary Fox of Castle Eden Colliery WO4317  
Fox John William Sep 4th 1890 13 mths son of John and Elizabeth Fox WO4312  
Foxall Elizabeth 22nd Jun 1883 73 yrs 32 Milbank Cres, Hartlepool interred on 24th WO4320  
Foxton Emily 27th January 1881 Aged 15 yrs Daughter of John Foxton of Hartlepool WO4402  
Frazer Thomas Oct 30th 1870 23 yrs of Elwick WO4316  
Freeland William Feb 25th 1906 8 yrs Little Willie' son of Mary and  late John Freeland . Interred  Allandale Cemetery, Aberdeen. With poem  by Mrs Geo Harper, evangelist Hpool WO4369  
French Matthew 16th Feb 1882 13 yrs  son of Robert Margaret Jane French. Lost life at Trimdon Grange Colliery Explosion. Interred at Shadforth  Colliery Feb 21st WO4321  
Garbutt George May 24th 1860 7 yrs son of Mary Ann Garbutt WO4310  
Garbutt James Aug 17th 1861 1 yr 7 mths son of Mary Ann Garbutt WO4310  
Garbutt Sarah Aug 24th 1865 9 yrs 7 mths daughter of Thomas and Mary Garbutt WO4344  
Gardener James William 2nd Jun 1867 1yr 7 mths   WO4320  
Gardin Edward Mar 19th 1881 45 yrs Captain of SS Halcyon of Hartlepool died in Aden WO4381  
Gardiner Mary ?  22nd 1887   died at Elwick. Interred at Elwick on 25th WO4316  
Gardner David  18th April 1892 78 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery 22nd Apr WO4320  
Gardner Emma Jan 17th 1892 56 yrs wife of James Gardner (same card of Emma) WO4338  
Gardner James May 24th 1883 47 yrs husband of Emma Gardner (same card as James) WO4338  
Gardner James 24th May 1883 47 yrs of East Hartlepool WO4338   WO4319  
Gardner John 18th May 1881 80  yrs of Eggleston interred Eggleston Churchyard 21st May WO4320  
Garvey Mary Dec 15th 1888 66 yrs interred Bishopwearmouth on Dec 18th WO4310  
Gault Joseph 22nd Aug 1883 3 mths 17 days   WO4321  
Geddes George 22nd Aug 1892 47 yrs born Aug 11th 1845. Cortege leaves 13 Albion Terr, interred Hartlepool Cemetery Aug 25th WO4300  
Geddes Jane(Jennie) 20th May 1890 46 years 13 Albion Terr ,Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cem. 23rd WO4416  
Geddes John Jnr 23rd May 1888 32 yrs of Hartlepool. Died at Maritzburg, Natal WO4321  
Geddes Misses     13 Albion Terr Hartlepool. Expressing thanks for sympathy WO4360  
Geldard Elizabeth Oct 19th 1862 24 yrs eldest Daughter of Christopher Thomas and Hannah Stroughair of Northallerton WO4344  
Geldart Mary Feb 16th 1878 45 yrs 9 mths of Hartlepool WO4316  
Gibson Thomas 1st Dec 1875 24 years Youngest son of late T Gibson of Houghton le Spring. On 1st voyage as 2nd Engineer on SS Standard returning from Montreal drowned in the Thames nr Barking Reach WO4420  
Gilchrist Stephen May 12 th 1904 38 yrs husband of Agnes Gilchrist of Hartlepool WO4314  
Good James Robert Nov 29th 1892 55 yrs of Wingate interred there Dec 3rd WO4345 WO4378  
Goodacre Charles Moss Aug 18th 1857 21 mths died at Hartlepool WO4386  
Gott Robert 19th Oct 1882 29 yrs husband of Mary Gott interred at Thornley Churchyard Oct 22nd WO4294  
Gouldsbrough Martin Apr 26th 1865 63 yrs   WO4301  
Gouldsbrough Mary Dec 6th 1866 65yrs   WO4382  
Gower Benjamin William Aug 23rd 1877 11 yrs drowned in the Slake WO4364  
Graham John Mar 15th 1886 48 yrs of Hartlepool Cortege to leave 11 Brougham St Hartlepool interred Middlesbrough Cemetery 17th WO4318  
Granger Christopher Dec 3rd 1867 50 yrs lost at sea in brig 'Iddo' of Whitby WO4354   WO4293  
Gray George Bird   Feb 11th 1867 18 mths son William B and Esther Gray died at Hartlepool WO4385  
Gray John Jul 4th 189-?   interred Hartlepool Cemetery 8th July WO4297  
Gray Joseph William Mar 11th 1854 4 yrs   WO4297  
Green George Dec 21st 1871 40 yrs of Witton Park WO4296  
Grieves Edward Dec 6th 1875 21 yrs   WO4313  
Grieves James Dec 4th 1877 19 yrs   WO4313  
Grieves John Sep 6th 1877 26 yrs   WO4313  
Grieves Robert Mar 11th 1868 23 yrs   WO4297  
Grieves William Feb 20th 1868 19 yrs   WO4297  
Grieveson Hannah Oct 9th 1971 51 yrs wife of George Grieveson WO4297  
Grieveson Margaret Nov 4th 1881 64 yrs wife of George Grieveson of Hartlepool WO4295  
Groves Mrs     thanks for kind sympathy WO4382  
Gunn Margaret Ann Nov 7th 1873 21 yrs   WO4344  
Guthery W R 8th Jun 1916   Letter 9th June from G E Usher W Hpool workhouse saying Mr Guthery, master  Tynemouth Poor Law  had died. Funeral Preston Cemtry N.Shields WO4429  

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