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Memorial Cards H-L

Hainsworth Sarah Sep 10th 1881 61 yrs wife of Robert F Hainsworth , master mariner of Hartlepool WO4318
Hall John Aug 22nd 1864 65 yrs of Sheraton Hill Top WO4318
Hall John Feb 28th 1885 24 yrs husband of Elizabeth Margaret Hall of Hartlepool died Baltimore WO4383
Hall Joseph Jul 15th 1889 59 yrs born 2nd Jul 1830 WO4326 WO4323
Hall Margaret Jan 4th 1890 61 yrs interred in Hartlepool Cemetery 7th Jan WO4318
Hall Thomas Oct 3rd 1866 39 yrs of Hill Top Sheraton WO4323
Hamilton John Jun 28th 1901 39 yrs late of North Hylton died at Hartlepool WO4302
Hamilton John Oct 16th 1888 78 yrs husband of Jane Hamilton of Whitby WO4383
Hammarbom Louisa Sep 14th 1861 10 mths daughter of Henry A and Jane Hammarbom WO4302
Hansen Agnes Endacott Feb 4th 1866 78 yrs relict of late Peter Hansen WO4302
Hansom George Thomas Jul 5th 1880 24 yrs husband of Eleanor Hansom, father of Sarah Hannah WO4302
Hansom Sarah Hannah Jan 15th 1881 1 yr 6 mths daughter of Eleanor and late George Thomas Hansom WO4302
Hardcastle Elizabeth Jan 15th 1889 77 yrs of 31 Alfred St West Hpool. Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery 19th Jan WO4301
Hardcastle Elizabeth 24th Aug 1898 51 years wife of Thomas Hardcastle of Egerton Villas South Parade. Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery 27th Aug 1898 WO4414
Harding Ann Eliza 12th Nov 1874 45 years of Castle  Eden. Interred on 16th WO4415
Harding George Feb 16th 1886 87 yrs of Hall Farm Shotton. Interred Easington Churchyard 19th 3 o clock WO4344
Hardy George 15th April 1873 77 years of Great Burdon WO4428
Hardy John James 8th Aug  1903 72 years Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery WO4430
Hardy Lizzie Portar 16th Jan 1887 6 weeks daughter of Arthur and Lizzie Hardy of West Hartlepool WO4418
Hardy William 15th Mar 1871 60 years   WO4424
Harland George 11th Sep 1869 72 years of Seaham Harbour WO4406
Harland Stephen 4th May 1888 54 years Engineer. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery May 8th WO4406
Harris Edward Sep 27th 1878 26 ? Years  West Hartlepool Cemetery WO4355
Harrison Ann May 12th 1876 35 yrs of Hartlepool WO4354
Harrison Eleanor 28th Sep 1880 8 months of South Wingate WO4430
Harrison Elizabeth 15th Apr 1856 36 years interred St Hilda's Churchyard WO4430
Harrison Frederick 4th Nov 1878 ..0 months Son of William and Elizabeth Harrison WO4428
Harrison George 13th Jan 1866 48 years interred St Hilda's Churchyard WO4396
Harrison Harriet 22nd Feb 1890 29 years wife of James Harrison a pilot WO4420
Harrison John Oct 20th 1878 47 yrs of  Hartlepool WO4321
Harrison John 17th Jun 1866 56 years Interred St Hilda's Churchyard in the family vault WO4432
Harrison Joseph Feb 1st 1882 67 yrs of Skelder Cottage Aislaby. Interred at Egton WO4365
Harrison Thomas Charlton 23rd May 1876 10 wks Son of William and Elizabeth Harrison WO4354
Harrison William 19th Oct 1880 63 years of East Hetton interred at Kelloe 21st Oct WO4409
Harrison William 28th Feb 1869 39 years at Elwick WO4430
Harriss Edward 27th Sep 1878 35 yrs interred W Hpool WO4355
Harriss Margaret 20th Jan 1873 1 yr 6 mths   WO4406
Hastings Frances Ann 21st Jun 1888 6 months child of James and Selina Hastings WO4415
Hastings Francis 12th May 1887 2 yrs 6 mths child of James and Selina Hastings WO4415
Hastings Matthew 12th Dec 1886 1 month child of James and Selina Hastings WO4415
Hauxby John Francis 20th Feb 1887 Aged 18 years son of Thomas and Mary. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 23rd Feb WO4400
Hauxby Thomas 14th Jun 1890 55 years husband of Mary Hauxby. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 17th WO4401
Hauxwell William 31st July 1869 56 yrs Of Hartlepool late of Carlton WO4404
Havelock Isabella 5th Sept 1871 5 years 9 mths Daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth Havelock WO4404
Hawkins James 18th Feb 1865 15 years interred Brightlingsea Essex WO4322
Hawley Thomas Nov 18th 1875 25 yrs son of William & Elizabeth Hawley of Wingate. Interred Hartlepool WO4314
Hay John Mar 27th 1881 59 yrs   WO4343
Headley John Greaves 14th Mar 1850 Aged 41 years Prepared by Thomas Robinson, Surgeon of Settle WO4399
Heatherington Miss M Sep 16th 1881     WO4377
Hebenton Thomas Jul 12 th 1891 66 yrs SEE William Christopher on reverse WO4376
Hebenton Thomas 12th July 1891 Aged 66 years of Hartlepool WO4398
Hedley James Westoll 21st Mar 1890 Aged 26 years Drowned on SS Virent near Ferrol WO4399
Henderson Joseph Apr 22nd 1876 39 yrs of Penn Station WO4323
Henderson Margaret 18th August 1858 Aged 50 years of Wingate Grange WO4399
Hepple John 20th Mar 1882 80 years 7 Rowell St Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 23th Mar WO4415
Herron Alice 19th Jun 1867 20 years   WO4318
Hewetson William 7th Oct 1884 29 years d. Hartlepool. Interment  Peupont Churchyard Sat 10th. Funeral to leave 11 Middlegate on 10th  11.15th for the Rlway Stat WO4430
Heyburn Lillie 22nd Jun 1882 1 yr 6 mths   WO4424
Hindmarsh Catherine Ann 1st Mar 1889 65 years wife of Thomas Hindmarsh of Hesledon Bank WO4405
Hirst Mary Emily 22nd June 1888 7 months daughter of Eli and Eliza Hirst WO4389
Hodge Eva Marshall 16th Apr 1876 1 yr 6 mths   WO4422
Hodgson Elizabeth  17th November 1871 74 years   WO4404
Hodgson George 18th Oct 1881 69 years of Hartlepool interred Hartlepool Cemetery 21st Oct 1881 WO4402
Hodgson Robert 11th Jun 1865  ?1 years father of William Hodgson WO4408
Hodgson William 17th June 1865 22 years son of Robert Hodgson WO4408
Hodgson William 11th Nov 1887 67 years of Hartlepool .Cortege to leave 9 Regent Squ. For Hartlepool Cemetery Nov 14th WO4408
Hoggan Robert Aug 13th 1909 76 yrs late of Edinburgh. Interred 15th Aug. Cortege to leave residence of his son, The Union Hotel Hartlepool WO4315
Holman  Ethel Armstrong 7th January 1890 Aged 17 yrs Daughter of John William and Mary Ann Holman. Interment Hartlepool Thurs. 9th. Cortege to leave Brougham Terr 2.20.p.m. WO4403
Holman Eva Coulson Dec 18th 1889 14 yrs daughter of John William and Mary Ann Holman of Hartlepool WO4315
Holmes Hannah Dec 20th 1882 25 yrs wife Thomas Rollin Holmes of Hartlepool interred in Kelloe Cemetery Sat 23rd WO4326
Hood Benjamin Jul 27th 1859 39 yrs fisherman who drowned. Brother of Thomas. Remembrance from a mother WO4339
Hood Ellen Crosby Jan 19th 1887 1 yr 10 mths (on same card as Robert Hood aged 30) WO4316
Hood John Feb 27th 1880 30 yrs (on same card as Robert Hood aged 30) WO4316
Hood Joseph Robert Crosby Jun 25th 1880 2 yrs 9 mths (on same card as Robert Hood aged 30) WO4316
Hood Robert Sep 23rd  1884 30 yrs drowned at sea WO4316
Hood Sarah Nov 22nd 1886 5 yrs 4 mths (on same card as Robert Hood aged 30) WO4316
Hood Thomas Feb 10th 1840 17 yrs fisherman who drowned. Brother of Benjamin. Remembrance from a mother WO4339
Hord Thomas 9th Oct 1869 21 years   WO4391
Hordham Mary Mar 20th 1887 43 yrs wife of George Augett Hordham died at Springwell Cottage near Hart Mar 23rd WO4413  WO4343
Hornsby William Apr 29th 1873 67 yrs Blacksmith of Castle Eden WO4354
Horsley Ernest Berry 23rd Oct 1876   born 23rd May 1873. Child of George and Alethea Ann Horsley. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 26th Oct WO4391
Horsley Frederick Berry 20th Jan 1871 13 months son of George and Althea Horsley of Hartlepool WO4412
Horsley George 9th Feb 1887   born 6th July 1829 .Interred in Hpool Cemetery 13th . Service in St Hilda's Church WO4391
Horsley Mary 31st Mar 1871 31 years wife of Matthew Horsley Jun. 95 High St H'pool WO4422
House Robert Richardson Nov 11 th 1878 6 yrs son of Stephen and Mary Ann House WO4321
House William 11th Jun 1887 79 years husband of Sarah House of Wingate WO4391
Howard Elizabeth 26th Jan 1871 6 years   WO4391
Howard Mrs Oct 11th 1888   6 Rowell St Hartlepool .Thanks for sympathy WO4376
Howard Mrs     card expressing thanks for sympathy. 6 Rowell St Hartlepool dated 8th Oct 1888 WO4396
Howard Philip 1st July 1864 56 years of Hartlepool . Interred 3rd Hartlepool Cemetery WO4391
Hudson Jane 31st 1874 29 years wife of Thomas Hudson and dau. of Edward and Thomas Storey. Died Trimdon Grange WO4387
Hume Marion Jul 26th 1881 9 mths daughter of William and Elizabeth Purves of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 29th   WO4330
Hunter James May 8th 1873 36 yrs   WO4325
Hunter Jane 13th Dec 1871 45 years wife of Laurence H  Hunter WO4420
Hunter Mrs M     In Loving Memory WO4376
Hunter Richard 14th Apr 1862 28 years engineer of Hartlepool WO4392
Huntrods Charles Edwin 21st Jul 1871 4 yrs 3mths son of Leonard and Jane Huntrods of West Hartlepool WO4390
Hutchinson David May 16th 1887 50 yrs interred at Hesledon on 21st WO4313
Hutchinson Jane Mar 11th 1889 80 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery on 14th WO4316
Hutchinson Jane Mar 2nd 1882 32 yrs wife of William Hutchinson of Hartlepool interment Hartlepool Cemetery on 6th WO4337
Hutton Robert  July 24th 1857 27 yrs of Hartlepool son of Robert E & Catherine Hutton. Captain of the brig 'Euxine' died at Havana WO4314
Hutton Robert Elstob Apr 30th 1858 53 yrs   WO4380
Iley Ann 18th May 1872 51 years wife of John Pearson Iley of Stanhope WO4405
Inglis Robert Jun 21st 1881 50 yrs MD of Edinburgh interred at Eyemouth on 23rd. Cortege to leave from Hartlepool WO4377
Irvin George Snowden 2.? Aug 1871 4 months son of Luke and Sarah Ann Irvin WO4410
Isherwood Mary Elizabeth 4th Oct 1890 12 years   WO4418
Jackson Mary 2nd Aug 1884 49 years wife of Joseph Jackson of Station Town WO4424
Jackson Thomas Dale 23rd Sep 1861 56 years of High Stotfold. Interred Elwick Hall Churchyard  26th Sep WO4400
Jackson William Oct 23rd 1873 54 yrs High Stotfold Elwick WO4342
Jacques George Phillips May 29th 1911 23 yrs son of Andrew and Christine Jacques of Hartlepool who accidentally drowned at the new pier WO4350
Jameson George Aug 30th 1885 55 yrs husband of Mary Jameson of Easington WO4359
Jameson John 22nd April 1874 53 years of Castle Eden WO4396
Jenkins Annie Amelia Jan 11th 1889 29 yrs wife of Captain R Jenkins of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Jan 14th WO4356
Jenkins Annie Amelia 11th Jan 1899 29 years wife of Capt. R Jenkins, Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Jan 14th  WO4397
Jobson Ebenezer Septimus 7th Apr 1877 52 years J.P.  Of Hartlepool  Merchant WO4416
Johnson Catherine 24th Mar 1881 65 years of Hesledon WO4400
Johnson Elizabeth Sarah 17th Nov 1860 34 years wife of William Bowman Johnson. Died Russell Bay Island, New Zealand WO4410
Johnson John Nov 20th 1868 66 yrs of Tunstall interred at Hart  on 25th WO4379
Johnson Philip 5th Nov 1891 72 years 135 Durham St. Interred Hartlepool Cem. 8th Nov WO4430
Johnston James William 9th Nov 1883 2 years son of James and Louisa Johnston of Hartlepool WO4407
Jones Edward March 26th 1883 Age 6 yrs 9 mths   WO4403
Jones Frank 5th Nov 1886   interred in Hartlepool Cemetery WO4409
Jones John 24th Aug 1865 30 years   WO4415
Jones Martha Matilda March 18th 1883 Age 12 Children of Edward and Elizabeth Jones WO4403
Jones Mary Dec 30th 1885 59 yrs interred Hartlepool cemetery Jan 3rd 1886 WO4332
Jones Nathaniel March 23rd 1883 Age 18   WO4403
Kay Elizabeth Sep 4th 1880 76 yrs Cliff House Hartlepool  WO4309
Kay Misses      acknowledging sympathy on their bereavement. Address 'Rockside' Hartlepool WO4379
Keen Eleanor 25th (no year) 34 yrs wife of Robert Keen, merchant tailor. Interred Castle Eden on 28th WO4378
Keen Isabella July 26th 1885 26 yrs wife Joseph W Keen. Interred Shotton Colliery WO4337
Kelk Lucy Ann Jul 1st 1874 25 yrs Daughter of M & M.A. Minett of Gedney Hill. Interred Spalding Cemetery WO4310
Kelk Lucy Ann Jun 30th 1874 25 yrs wife of William Kelk and daughter of F & MA Minett of Gedney Hill. Interred Spalding Cemetery WO4344  WO4309
Kelk Lucy Ann Jul 1st 1874 25 yrs daughter of F & Mj Minett of Gedney Hill. Interred Spalding Cemetery WO4346
Kennedy William J L Jan 19th 1890 26 yrs   WO4294
Kenney John  Feb 16th 1879 28 yrs husband of Elizabeth Kenney WO4354
King Richard Henry Dec 30th 1880 14 mths   WO4330
Kirby Henry Oct 28th 1909   one handwritten on Evan Tudor Powell's card, another with hymn sheet WO4361 WO4352
Kirby Miss and sisters Nov 4th 1909   expressing thanks for sympathy expressed during brother's long illness and death 13 Cliff Terrace Hartlepool WO4369
Kirton William  Feb 21st 1861 27 yrs   WO4307
Kline Agnes Mar 31st 1881 31 yrs wife of John Kline  WO4310
Knight Alice Apr 25 th 1866     WO4331
Knight Joseph Esq Jul 20th 1855 77 yrs see Hon Apollonia Stourton WO4331
Knight Mary May 8th 1873   of Hartlepool. Fortified by all the rites of the Holy Church WO4310
Knight Rev.Joseph Sep 6th 1852 26 yrs   WO4331
Lamb George Mar 30th 1874 59 yrs of Trimdon Grange.  WO4325
Lamb Mary 6th October 1888 60 years Interred Castle Eden October 8th 1888 wife of John Lamb WO4414 and WO4404
Lancaster Lily Dent May 16th 1890 1yr 3mth daughter of William and Elizabeth Lancaster of W Hpool WO4404
Lane Charles 29th Oct 1870 18 years   WO4391
Laverick Henry Feb 14th 1881 35 yrs husband of Angeline Laverick. Was lost at Yarmouth WO4355  WO4337
Lawson Catherine Feb 7th  1882 4 yrs 10 mths   WO4314
Lax Mary Jane 13th July 1876 36 yrs of Hutton Henry WO4389
Leask Annie Isabella Oct 10th 1881 7 yrs 11 mths daughter of James and Alice Mary Leask. Interred in Hartlepool Cemetery WO4365
Lee Jane 8th April 1876 43 years of Elwick WO4400
Lee Matthew John Feb 1st 1870 15 yrs of Elwick WO4344
Lee Thomas 16th Sep 1881 35 years husband of Sarah Lee. Interred Wingate churchyard 20th Sep WO4406
Lemon William Oct 1869 40 yrs   WO4379
Leng  Richard March 12th 1892 Aged 26 yrs Interred Hartlepool March 15th WO4402
Liddell Clara 18th April  1881 Aged 8 yrs daughter of William and Emma Liddell WO4402
Linklater Robina Aug 5th 1864 38 yrs wife of William Linklater. Died at Middlesbrough WO4382
Linwood Ann Dec 25th 1880 66 yrs relict of John Linwood 4 The Mount York. Interred York Cemetery 29th December WO4364
Lisle Ann Jul 25th 1868 81 yrs wife of William Lisle.   28 High St Hartlepool WO4425 WO4395
Lisle Elizabeth Jul 14th 1861 87 yrs interred at Elwick WO4352
Little Elizabeth 18th Oct 1890   wife of Rev. George Little WO4426
Little Mary Ann 2nd Nov 1887 46 years wife of Richard Little of Thorpe. Interred Thorpe Churchyrd Nov 6th WO4410
Lodge Mary 16th Sep 1871 2 yrs 2 mths daughter of Henry and Harriet Lodge WO4424
Longley Jane Sep 10th 1884 8 yrs 3mths daughter of William & Elizabeth Longley of Castle Eden Colliery WO4338
Longmoor John William 24th Jan 1888 37 years   WO4425
Longstaff Margaret 3rd Nov 1855 71 years of Hartlepool wife of Francis Longstaff WO4394
Lonsdale Francis Edwin 30th Oct 1885 27 years youngest son of Charles(lately deceased) and Elizabeth Lonsdale of Brompton Grange nr Richmond.Killed by  fall from SS Roslin Castle at W Hpool WO4394
Lowden David Dec 9th 1873 63 yrs   WO4385
Lowry Eleanor 11th Jul 1871 93 years widow of the late John Lowry of Harbottle. Interred at Hauxwell Yks WO4392
Lowry George Dec 19th 1881 74 yrs of Hauxwell WO4326
Lowry Isabella 20th Apr 1870 45 years interred at St Oswald's Durham WO4392
Lowther Thomas P Nov 25th 1856 3yrs 3 mths   WO4432
Lumsdon Mary Mar 16th 1885 13 yrs daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Lumsdon of Castle Eden Colliery WO4382
Lund August Christain Duxberry 24th Oct 1879 4yrs 5 mths born 26th May 1875 son of Christain and Christaina Lund  WO4292
Lynch Henry 9th Feb 1867 37 years   WO4394
Lynch Mary 14th Sep 1904 72yrs Relict of Henry Lynch. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4394
Lynn Robert 28th Apr 1870 27 years son of Joseph and Hannah Lynn of Halnaby WO4392

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