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Memorial Cards M-R

Macdonald Richard 9th Sep 1855 3 mths   WO4392
Mack Martin 26th Jan 1886 61 years interred Pittington Cemetery 28th WO4392
Mackings Mary 20th Sep 1884 58 years wife of Thomas Mackings of Hartlepool formerly of Scarborough WO4392
Madderson Charles Clark May 29th 1899 31 yrs Husband of Sarah Jane Madderson WO4386
Malcolmson Robert 15th Jun 1887 66 years of Hartlepool WO4393
Mann William Jun 22nd 1878 31 yrs husband of Isabella Mann died in Constantinople Hospital WO4364
Manson Jane 5th Mar 1883 23 years wife of Charles Manson.Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery from 8 Raby St WO4426
Markwell Elizabeth 17th Jan 1889 72 years widow of late John Markwell of Hartlepool WO4392
Marshall Burton 23rd Nov 1871 70 yrs   WO4393
Marshall James 7th Nov 1871 72 years of West Hartlepool WO4393
Mason  Margaret Mason 19th Dec 1901 28 years wife of Francis King Mason. Interred West Hpool Cemetery Dec 23rd WO4393
Mason William Feb 3rd 1891 2 yrs 7 mths interred Hartlepool Cemetery 6th Feb. Son of George & Gertrude Mason WO4383
Mather Mary 22nd Jun 1885 73 years Interred Castle Eden Jun 24th 1885 at 3 pm WO4393
Matthews James 8th May 1890 6 and half months son of Charles and Margaret. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 19th Jan WO4393
Matthews Mary 29th Dec 1891 8 and half months daughter of Charles and Sarah Matthews. Interred Hartlepool Cem. WO4394
Mayes Edwin D May 21st 1888 32 yrs son of William and Elizabeth Mayes of Hartlepool WO4323  WO4301
McKinlay John May 25th 1886 50 yrs of 12 Clifton St Hartlepool interred 28th WO4370
Merryweather William 7th Feb 1866 74 years shipowner. A beloved husband WO4392
Metcalfe Sarah Aug 15th 1857 34 yrs wife of Joseph N Metcalfe interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4295
Meyer Joseph Marlham Nov 16th 1871 5 months 6 weeks   WO4347 WO4295
Meynell Joseph 16th Aug 1868 37 yrs   WO4322
Middlemiss Alexander YHW Feb 23rd 1881 3 yrs 8 mths   WO4394 WO4330
Middlemiss James Gillies 7th Jun 1881 2 yrs 3 mths   WO4421  WO4330
Miller Frances Ann Jan 19th 1866 5 yrs  9 mths of Crimdon House died at Witham Hall interred Stockton on Tees WO4386
Miller William Skelton May 1st 1852 31yrs of West Hartlepool drowned at sea WO4381
Mills Edith Nov 3rd 1888 11 mths daughter of Leonard & Ellen Louisa Mills WO4326
Moody Dorothy Mar 12th 1890 22 yrs wife of William Christopher Moody interred Hartlepool 16th Mar WO4385
Moor Daniel 16th Nov 1881 26 years Drowned. Son of James and Jane Moor (see also) WO4422
Moor James Mar 31st 1881 61 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery on 4th April WO4337
Moor James 27th Nov 1878 45 years Drowned .wife of Jane Moor (see also) WO4422
Moor James 16th Nov 1881 20 years Drowned. Son of James and Jane Moor (see also) WO4422
Moor Jane 16th Dec 1881 49 years husband of James Moor (see also) WO4422
Moore Edward Oct 29th 1867 50 yrs   WO4324
Moore Mr and Mrs Moore     Gladstone St. Thanks for sympathy WO4386
Moore William Charles 22nd Aug 1876 20 years accidentally drowned whilst bathing interred at Hartlepool Cemetery 31st Aug WO4411
Mordey John Goodchild 15th Apr 1881 50 years of Storrington formerly Sunderland. Interred Storrington 21st Apr WO4406
Morison John       M.D.  31st Jan 1871 54 years died at Wellfield House Wingate WO4421
Morris John 9th Feb 1883 48 yrs husband of Eliza  of Wingate WO4419
Morris Mary 10th Jan 1876 48 years of Hartlepool . Interred Jan 13th Hartlepool Cemetery WO4426
Mortimer Elizabeth 11th May 1892 29 years interred East Hartlepool Cemetery May 13th WO4425
Mothersdale William Dale Jul 1st 1871 3yrs 9 mths son of Robert and Ann Mothersdale WO4382
Moule John 31st Jan 1886 34 years husband of Dorothy A Moule lost at sea in the SS Fulmar on the Irish Coast WO4425
Mowbray Charles Golbraith 22nd Mar 1860 32 years of Liverpool. Interred Bevington Cheshire WO4424
Murray HH Mr Sep 5th 1906   Thanks for sympathy. Hastings Lodge Hartlepool WO4328
Murrell Joseph Benjamin 20th May 1885 10 months born July 6th 1884. Son of Benjamin and Annie Murrell WO4427
Needham William T and sons     expressing appreciation during their breavement. 'Wearside' Park Rd Hartlepool WO4300
Neilson Caroline Aug 5th 1865 6 mths daughter of Christian and Fanny Neilson WO4385
Nelson David 20th Nov 1875 19 yrs son of Michael and Elizabeth Nelson WO4420
Nelson Edward 6th Aug 1884 28 years son of Jeremiah & Jane Nelson of Hartlepool. Interred Scarboro Cemetery leaving 45 Northgate Hartlepool 9.30 am    and Scarborough Station at 3 pm WO4301
Nelson Frederick 12th Mar 1882 12 years son of Frederick & Mary Nelson WO4301
Nelson Michael Feb 21st 1877   of Maunby WO4320
Nelson William March 2nd Dec 1883 10 months son of Charles and Mary Eleanor Nelson of Hartlepool born 9th Oct 1882 WO4298
Newton Richard 5th Sep 1850 70 yrs   WO4301
Nicholson Ellen 9th Sep 1877 12 mths Interred Middlesbrough Cemetery. JR Bennett Undertaker 91 Newport Rd M'boro WO4301
Nicholson Henry 3rd Nov 1870 38 yrs   WO4300
Nicol Agnes Malcolm 27th Aug 1870 75 years of Hartlepool WO4421
Nisbet Capt.John Nov 13th 1887 57 yrs Interred Nov 14th at Bilbao WO4297
Nixey Mrs Jul 1st 1904   expressing thanks for sympathy. Welburn House Hartlepool WO4361
North Thomas Martin 27th Jan 1906 29 years   WO4411
Norton Rebecca Aug 4th 1871 5 yrs   WO4298
Old Richard Owen May 20th 1890 2 yrs born July 6th 1888 son of Richard and Annie Ord WO4297
Outhwaite Christopher Smith Sep 28th 1861 39 yrs   WO4293
Palliser Thomas Aug 6th 1890 45 yrs   WO4327
Parker Sarah Jane May 21st 1885 21 yrs wife of Joseph Parker WO4327
Parkin Ann Nov 27th 1861 52 yrs wife of George Parkin of Hartlepool. Interred West Hartlepool WO4318
Parkinson Isabella Jan 5th 1887 19 yrs 9 mths Given by her Workroom companions as a token of their respect WO4333
Patterson Ann May 19th 1885 30 yrs wife of John Patterson of Station Town WO4336
Pattison Jane Jun 21st 1866 66 yrs wife of John Pattison of Seaton Carew WO4327
Pattison John May 30th 1899 62 yrs husband of late Elizabeth Pattison formerly of Sth Shields. Cortege to leave Brougham Terr W.Hartlepool. Interment Norton Church  . WO4327
Pattison Mary Jane Dec 23rd 1888 31yrs wife of James Pattison WO4291
Pattison Mary Jane Jan 7th 1889 14 yrs daughter of James and Mary Jane Pattison WO4343
Pavey Elizabeth Jane Feb 13th 1890 37 yrs Interred  Penarth Churchyard WO4357  WO4292
Peacock Mary Elizabeth May 16th 1886 1 yr 9 mths daughter of WL and MA Peacock WO4328
Perks Susanna Nov 4th 1880 76 yrs born Worsley Mar 6th 1804 died Salina America WO4338
Peterson Captain Thomas Apr 19th 1877 46 yrs died at sea on passage from Akyab to Cochin in India WO4320  WO4326
Peterson Jessie Jan 10th 1892 63 yrs widow of the late Capt. Peterson WO4350
Petrie John Mar 27th 1886 80 yrs of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4348
Pickering Margaret Amy Dec 5th 1891 16 yrs daughter of Edward and Sarah Pickering WO4293
Pilcher George Mar 6th 1917 70 yrs husband of Ann Pilcher. Interred at Hartlepool Old Cemetery WO4292
Pilcher Mary Jan 13th 1871 52 yrs wife of Richard Pilcher WO4371
Porter Mary Jan 14th 1881 42 yrs wife of W.B. Porter of Hartlepool interred in Hartlepool Cemetery 17th WO4349
Potter Henry Nov 21st 1877 75 yrs   WO4291
Potter Thomas Jun 21 st 1878 19 yrs 10 mths son of  John and Bridget Pottter draft with handwritten alterations WO4326
Pottinger Jane Ann Nov 29th 1881 23 yrs of Hartlepool WO4291
Potts Jane Jan 29th 1876 78 yrs   WO4325
Pounder Ada Jul 28th 1890 1 yr 7 mths daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Pounder WO4346
Pounder Albert Eden Jul 26th 1890 10mths son of Thomas and late Jane Ann Pounder WO4325
Pounder Ann 25th Dec 1887 77 yrs cortege to leave Mr C Abey's residence 5 St Mary St. Interred in St Hilda's Churchyard Hartlepool WO4338
Pounder Herbert(Bertie) Mar 5th 1885 3 yrs 4 mths son of Frank and Mary Pounder. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery the 8th WO4327
Pounder James 16th Jun 1869 18 yrs son of Cuthbert and Jane Pounder lost at sea in the boat Smyrna WO4350
Pounder John Jun 16th 1869 23 yrs son of Cuthbert and Jane Pounder lost at sea in the boat Smyrna WO4350
Pounder Richard Dec 2nd  1889 25 yrs of Hartlepool WO4293
Pounder Robert Scott Jun 16th 1869 28 yrs son of Cuthbert and Jane Pounder lost at sea in the boat Smyrna WO4350
Pounder Thomas Mar 31st 1878 51 yrs Pilot of Hartlepool WO4327
Powell Evan Tudor Jun 26th 1908 59 yrs vicar of Holy Trinity Hartlepool WO4361
Prestedge George David Dec 9th 1866 13mths   WO4290
Procter Elizabeth Musgrave Jan 21st 1858 10 Yrs dau. Of Thomas & Barbara Procter of Hart Moor. Interred Parish Church Hart WO4382
Procter Margaret Isabel Sep 10th 1911   wife of late John Kirtley Procter of Hartlepool WO4347
Procter Mowbray Mar 7th 1877 74 yrs of North Hart WO4327
Procter Thomas Jun 1st 1864 63 yrs of Hart Moor WO4291
Proctor Elizabeth Nov 9th 1873 37 yrs   WO4368
Proctor Richard Mar 14th 1883 78 yrs of North Hart WO4324
Proud William Sep 18th 1881 75 yrs of West Hollon Carr WO4335
Raine John 21st Oct 1888 5 months son of John and Eleanor Raine WO4418
Ramsay Archibald Dec 31st 1874   invite to funeral Jan 1st 2.30 p.m.  1 Seaview Terr Hartlepool WO4340
Randall John 17th Jan 1889 5yrs 6mths 12days son of Charles and Margaret. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 19th Jan WO4427
Randle Beatrice 18th July 1904 23 years daughter of Mary Elizabeth and the late Samuel Randle of Scarborough and wife of Hubert Helliwell of Wigan WO4408
Ranson Bennett 28th April 1902 4 yrs 10 months son of William and Harriet Ranson of Hartlepool WO4395
Rawling Robert 8th Jan 1887 79 years of Hartlepool WO4416
Read Edward 28th Dec 1859 63 yrs   WO4389
Reece Ann Jan 28th 1883 59 yrs 6 mths wife of Isaac Reece WO4372  WO4326
Reed Edward Apr 18th 1880 23 yrs son of John and E A Reed. Died at Hartlepool WO4364
Reed Eve Isabel Sep 21st 1885 20 yrs daughter of John and E A Reed . Died at Hartlepool WO4364
Reed Harriet Mar 21st 1883 47 yrs of Motherwell wife of John Pasco Reed interred Belshill Chyard WO4333
Reed John Pasco Apr 9th 1883 50 yrs husband of Harriet Reed WO4333
Reed Lilian 17th Oct 1888 11 months daughter of Thomas and Nellie Reed. Interred Hartlepool 21st Oct WO4400
Reeves Eliza Agnes 13th Jan 1892 24 years daughter of George and Eliza Ann Reeves of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4318
Relph Ann 7th Apr 1888 65 years wife of Daniel Relph of West Hartlepool WO4322
Rice Esther 28th December 1891   Died in Hartlepool WO4401
Richardson  …..ght Mar 30th 1878 4 mths child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson Anita Lavinia Feb 19th 1882 7 mths child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson Charles Aug 2nd 1880 4 mths twin of Louisa .Child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson George Jan 6th 1872 2 days child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson Henry Nov 1st 1876 56 yrs of Hartlepool WO4381
Richardson Isabella Jul 18th 1871 53 yrs   WO4380
Richardson Jane Dec 17th 1871 72 yrs relict of Thomas Richardson. Interred at St Andrew's Auckland WO4353
Richardson John William May 17th 1875 11 mths child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson Joseph Aug 22 nd 1875 48 yrs of 6 Raby St, Egypt, Hartlepool WO4338
Richardson Louisa  Oct 20th 1880 7 mths twin of Charles .Child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richardson Mary 16th October 1876 76 years died at Gunnerton WO4321
Richardson Sophia Oct 29th 1876 54 yrs wife of Henry Richardson died suddenly WO4381
Richardson William 30th July 1866 46 years of Rowell St Hartlepool WO4407
Richardson William John  Sep 21st 1875 1 mth child of William & Theresa Richardson WO4321
Richmond Ann 20th June 1883 40 years Wife of William Richmond of Hartlepool WO4407
Richmond Robert William 11th Feb 1867 18 mths   WO4406
Rickson John Henry 10th Oct 1878 21 years son of Thomas H and Mary Rickson WO4424
Rickson Thomas Hunter 29th Aug 1880 14 years son of Thomas and Mary Rickson of Hartlepool WO4406
Ridley Alice 30th Jun 1866 80 years widow of George Ridley shipowner North Shields WO4321
Robinson Ann 13th Oct 1970 72 years of Hutton Henry WO4323
Robinson Elizabeth Mary May 15th 1864 14 yrs of Castle Eden WO4294
Robinson Eva 12th Aug 1880 9 months child of William Wharton and Jane Ann Robinson of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery. SURNAME UNCLEAR WO4421
Robinson George  Jun 12th 1881 21yrs   WO4330
Robinson George  Apr 15th 1880 3 yrs child of George  & Catherine Robinson WO4338
Robinson George  Jun 12th 1881 21 yrs   WO4355
Robinson John Dec 23rd 1878 49 yrs of Claxton .Interred at Greatham Thurs 26th WO4382
Robinson Priscilla Jane Apr 12th 1880 4 yrs 8 mths child of George  & Catherine Robinson WO4338
Robinson Robert March 25th 1869 24 years Engineer SS Lucerne lost on her passage from Middlesbrough to Trieste WO4419  WO4298
Robinson Stephen C.E. J.P. Nov 15th 1881 88 yrs of Hartlepool . Funeral from 1 Moor Houses on 18th WO4337
Robinson Susannah Jun 21st 1870 20 yrs   WO4302
Robinson Thomas Lynn Mar 1st 1870 15 mths son of Thomas Lynn and Sarah Jane Robinson WO4382
Robinson Wharton 21st Jul 1880 3 days child of William Wharton and Jane Ann Robinson of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery. SURNAME UNCLEAR WO4421
Robinson William 29th Jan 1859 15 yrs son of John and Elizabeth Robinson of Castle Eden WO4294
Robson Reginald Jan 2nd 1916 22 yrs motor despatch rider 33rd divisional signal co. Royal Engineers. Only son of Mr and Mrs Chris Robson killed somewhere in France helping a comrade WO4345
Robson Robert Henry Sep 29th 1891 57 yrs husband of Jane Robson to leave Cat-Cote West Hartlepool. Interred Wolviston Oct 1st WO4381
Roller Elizabeth 22nd Dec 1868 57 years wife of John Williams Roller of Nantyglo WO4413
Roller John Williams 18th June 1870 62 years husband of late Elizabeth Roller WO4413
Rook Edward William 12th May 1886 3 years 7 months Interred Portsea Cemetery WO4412
Rook Violet L 9th Apr 1886 2 years Interred Portsea Cemetery WO4427
Ropner Osborne Edmund Jan 31st 1864 5 yrs   WO4385
Rowell Elizabeth 29th Jun 1878 77 years of Sedgewick House Hartlepool relict(widow) of Thomas Rowell interred in family vault St Hilda's Churchyard Hartlepool 2nd July 1878 WO4416
Rowland Elizabeth May 5th 1886 80 yrs wife of Thomas Rowland of Hutton Henry. Interred Monk Hesledon 10th May WO4359
Ruddock Elizabeth Sep 14th 1875 60 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery Sep 16th WO4325
Rushworth Mary Jane April 27th 1907 65 years Wife of late Richard Rushworth interred West Hartlepool cemetery Tuesday April 30th WO4401

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