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Salt Charles 5th Dec 1886 57 years of Hartlepool. Interred  Hartlepool Cemetery Dec 6th WO4425
Sanders Isaac 25th Feb 1897 52 years of 102 Northgate Hartlepool . Interred  1st Mar 1897 WO4414
Sanderson Emma Jul 5th 1882 34 yrs of Hart Warren WO4296
Scotson George 25th Dec 1865 67 years Farmer of Sheraton East Grange , Interred at Monk Hesledon WO4397
Scotson Ruth Annie 26th Feb 1875 20 months daughter of George Abraham and Jane Ann Scotson 77 High St WO4410
Scott Frederick Lumb 3rd September 1871 15 yrs   WO4404
Scott John William 12th Mar 1890 2 years son of William and Mary Scott .Interred Hartlepool Cem. WO4431
Scott Margaret 30th Dec 1891 27 years wife of William Scott. Interred West Hpool Cem.2nd Jan WO4431
Scott Mary Aug 6th 1884 76 yrs interred Trimdon Cemetery  9th died at Hutton Henry WO4357
Scott Mrs     4 South Cres Hartlepool. Mrs Scott thanks for kind enquiries WO4336
Scott William Mar 29th 1857 22 yrs a poem on his death WO4334
Selby Hannah 31st Mar 1888 52 years wife of Thomas Selby. Interred Hartlepool Cem. 3rd April WO4431
Sexton John Alexander Jan 16th 1886 3 yrs son of William & Susanna Sexton of Wingate. Interment Wingate Sunday 11th 3 pm. WO4332
Shadforth Aaron Dec 23rd 1877 64 yrs   WO4355
Shadforth James 10th Apr 1888 29 years drowned at Bremerhaven Germany WO4431
Shadforth Margaret 22nd Jan 1884 9 months daughter of James Shadforth (who died in Bremerhaven) WO4431
Sharp Dorothy 22nd Jun 1876 75 years of Hartlepool WO4429
Sharp John Jun 8th 1883 74 yrs of South Wingate late of Hartlepool. Interred in family vault St Hilda's Churchyard on 15th June WO4410  WO4381
Shaw Edwin Dec 7th 1897 67 yrs Vicar of Holy Trinity Hartlepool interred Hartlepool Dec 10th WO4373
Shaw Mary 5th Jan 1888 49 years wife of Walter Shaw of Hartlepool. Died at Middleton Tyas WO4413 WO4329
Shaw Richard David Jan 1st 1888 22 yrs son of Walter and Mary Shaw. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 4th WO4329
Shaw Thomas Feb 22nd 1885 39yrs husband of Jane Shaw. Fisherman of Hartlepool drowned at sea WO4351
Shepherd Peter Smith 22nd Dec 1881 26 years Son of William and Ann Shepherd. Interred Castle Eden Churchyard on Christmas Day WO4396
Shiers Ann 25th Oct 1881 89 years formerly of Topcliffe Yks,widow of Thomas Creighton Shiers WO4417
Shipley Elizabeth Aug 2nd 1871 50 yrs wife of George Shipley of Wingate Grange Colliery WO4373
Shutt Barbara 30th Jan 1867 7 yrs 6 mths   WO4409
Shutt Elizabeth Ann 4th Feb 1867 5 years    WO4409
Shutt John Edward 28th Jan 1867 2 yrs 9 months   WO4409
Shutt Mary Ann 22nd Jan 1867 8 months   WO4409
Shutt Sarah Jane 14th Mar 1870 16 years   WO4411
Sibley William Bland Mar 3rd 1883 28 yrs son of James & Ann Sibley WO4380
Simpson Mr Sep-11   Appreciation of sympathy from Mr Simpson and family during bereavement WO4377
Simpson Mrs Oct 12th 1888   request subscriptions from Watson Hunter 18 Moor Terr & Wm T Kirby 13 Cliff Terr for  cemetery memorial stone for Mrs Simpson WO4325
Simpson Mrs      re. her services to various institutions& suggestion that memorial stone be erected in cemetery.Watson Hunter 18 Moor Terr, William Kirby 13 Cliff Terr WO4336
Simpson Mrs Sep 28th 1888   death announcement. Organist died in Newcastle. Funeral St Hilda's 30th Sep. All choir members requested to attend by Watson Hunter WO4379
Simpson William 7th October 1890 23 yrs Son of William and Isabel after painful illness. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 9th. Cortège to leave 43 Northgate at 2.20 pm WO4403
Sivewright James Frederick 4th May 1876 20 years son of WJ and H Sivewright . Interred at St Matthias Church Malvern Link Worcestershire WO4407
Smart Margaret 27th Jun 1861 38 years   WO4411
Smith Ann 8th Sep 1876 13 yrs 10 mths daughter of G & H Smith of Hartlepool WO4354
Smith Ann 11th Dec 1857   of Thorp WO4407
Smith Anne Sep 8th 1876 13 yrs 10 mths daughter of G and H Smith WO4406
Smith Caroline Emma Apr 20th 1886 21 yrs 8 mths daughter of Thomas and Sarah Smith WO4304
Smith Charles 22nd Nov 1871 40 years   WO4405
Smith George Mar 20th 1875 44 yrs of Shotton Colliery WO4385
Smith Herbert Sep 16th 1875 11 wks son  of Thomas and Mary Jane Smith of Hartlepool WO4325
Smith James Sep 9th 1865 20 yrs drowned WO4307
Smith Jane  December 18th 1887 76 yrs Widow of late Thomas Smith of Northallerton. Interred Darlington Cemetery 25th  WO4403
Smith John Jepthath Mar 19th 1889 2 yrs 3 mths son of William & Mary Susan Smith WO4305
Smith Joseph Jan 8th 1881 43 yrs   WO4337
Smith Margaret Jul 1st 1884 54 yrs of Spennymoor late of Hartlepool. Interred Mount Pleasant Jul 4th WO4314
Smith Mary  Jan 17th 1863 86 yrs relict of George Smith Esq of Old Trimdon County Durham died at 29 The Mount York. Interred in the Family Vault  23rd WO4372
Smith Mary Susan 17th Apr 1891 37 years wife of William Smith WO4322
Smith William 13th Mar 1891 9 years   WO4318
Smithson Margaret Jane Dec 26th 1886 17 yrs daughter of George & Margaret Smithson WO4328
Smithson Margaret Jane Dec 26th 1886 17 yrs of Hartlepool daughter of George & Margaret Smithson  WO4380
Smyth John Wigfield 21st Dec 1895 74 years born Sedgefield 27th Jan 1821 died Hartlepool. Husband of Charlotte Smyth WO4322
Sotheran Ann Nov 26th 1875 73 yrs cortege leave Prospect Cottage Hartlepool 29th at 11 am WO4341
Spence Edward Jun 12th 1871 73 yrs Moor Terrace Hartlepool WO4353
Spence Edward June 12th 1871 73 yrs of Moor Terrace WO4376
Spence Elsie Jan 5th 1889 6 mths daughter of Thomas and Emily Spence WO4403
Spence George Sep 16th 1887 27 yrs son of Richard and Jane Spence WO4330
Spence Henry Hutchinson 22nd Sep 1871 10 wks son of CL and FH Spence of Hartlepool WO4421
Spence John James May 17th 1886 10 yrs 7 mths son of John and Elizabeth Ruth Spence of Hartlepool. Died at Yarm. Interred Yarm Cemetery on the 20th WO4348
Spence Joseph Edward 1st Jun 1869 34 years son of Edward and Jane Spence of Moor Terrace H'pool WO4429
Spence Margaret Dec 25th 1880 73 yrs widow of late John Spence of Melmerby died at Hartlepool and interred at Coberham on 29th  WO4311
Spencer James Thomas Jan 9th 1886 32 yrs son of Thomas and Mary Spencer. Drowned at sea WO4350
Stather Edward 7th Feb 1889 35 years husband of Mary Stather. Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery 9th WO4389
Stephenson John Dec 9th 1880 80 yrs late of Carr House died at Hart Warren interred Hart WO4380
Stephenson Mary 7th May 1885 34 years wife of Thomas John Stephenson of Wingate WO4388
Stevenson George Watson Aug 12th 1870 27 yrs killed at Port Clarence interred at Haverton Hill 14th Aug WO4302
Stonehouse Frances Mowbray 30th Sep1892 81 yrs of Seaton Carew WO4387
Stones William 4th Mar 1889 73 years Interment Hartlepool Cemetery Mar 6th at 12 noon. Cortege to leave New Cleveland Arms WO4387
Storey Edward 5th Nov 1858 54 years Late of Thirsk, fishmonger WO4387
Storey Lucy 3rd Feb 1874 67 years Wife of Edward. Interred at Hartlepool. Died at Trimdon WO4387
Storm Ann Jun 24th 1858 5 yrs daughter of James and Ann Storm of Middlesbrough on Tees WO4315
Stourton the Hon,. Apollonia Mar 14th 1854   died at Stone WO4331
Stubbs Mark  John 9th Apr 1885 4 years son of Elizabeth Stubbs of Castle Eden Colliery WO4387
Sturdy William 26th Aug 1857 76 years   WO4387
Summerbell William 31st Mar 1882 59 years husband of Mary Ann Summerbell . Interred Monk Hesleden  Apr 2nd WO4387
Summers Ann Ellen 6th Apr 1883 66 years wife of Thomas Summers WO4390
Summers Isabella 30th July 1880 46  years Wife of John Summers of Hartlepool WO4387
Sunman Richard 21st Mar 1889 59 years husband of Dorothy Sunman WO4389
Swalwell George 21st May 1876 25 years drowned at sea WO4389
Swalwell John 3rd May 1876 62 years of Hartlepool. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery 6th May 1876 WO4423   WO4389
Swanson Mary Hornsby 25th Oct 1869 5  and half yrs daughter of William & Sarah Isabella Swanson WO4321
Swanson Sarah Elizabeth 4th July 1870 8 yrs 2nd daughter of William and Sarah Swanson of Seaton Carew WO4321  WO4319
Swinburn Mary 27th Dec 1875 75 years of South Wingate . Interred Monk Hesleden Dec 30th WO4388
Swindell James Sep 22nd 1881 1 yr 11 mths son of Stephen and Sarah Swindell WO4330
Symonds Elizabeth Jun 15th 1880 36 yrs of Hartlepool WO4337
Tate Jane May 20th 1892 54 yrs wife of Richard Tate of Hartlepool WO4368
Tate John Feb 11th 1881 46 yrs husband of Jane and son of Matthew & Mary Tate killed at Castle Eden Colliery and interred Monk Hesledon WO4320  WO4292
Tate Mr R and family     card expressing thanks for sympathy. 43 1/2 Northgate. Dated 20th Nov 1906 WO4432
Taylor Anthony Aug 18th 1858 70 yrs late of Monkwearmouth interred at Hartlepool Cemetery WO4370
Taylor Rev. Robert 7th Nov 1906 84 years Vicar of Monk Hesleden.Interred Monk Hesleden Nov 10th WO4417
Taylor Richard Oct 8th 1867 18 yrs of Heighington gunner of Royal Artillery died at Worley WO4344
Thomas Joseph Sep 20th 1874 54 yrs   WO4340
Thompson Charles May 3rd 1886 69 yrs 11 Studley Rd, Belle Vue, West Hartlepool interred West Hartlepool 6th May WO4372
Thompson Elizabeth Ann Jul 19th 1878 5 yrs 5 mths daughter of Robert & Ann Elizabeth Thompson of Old Shotton WO4320
Thompson Emily Mary May 14th 1885 17yrs daughter of Alfred & S.A. Thompson and stepdaughter of J Bridges died at Hartlepool WO4292
Thompson Florence Jane Jul 17th 1878 3 yrs 7 mths  daughter of Robert & Ann Elizabeth Thompson of Old Shotton WO4320
Thompson George Oct 14th 1905 61 yrs husband of Isabel Thompson WO4371
Thompson James Sep 8th 1885 48 yrs husband of Charlotte Thompson. Died at West Harrington. Interred Ryhope Cemetry Sunderland WO4360
Thompson John Anthony May 5th 1870 6 mths son of Robert & Ann Elizabeth Thompson of Old Shotton WO4370
Thompson John William Feb 19th 1890 19yrs died in Johannesburg South Africa WO4370
Thompson Sarah Ann Aug 2nd 1884 15 yrs daughter of K & Harriet Thompson WO4369
Thompson Susan Oct 14th 1881 60 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery 17th Oct WO4369
Thompson William 24th Jan 1889   Funeral invitation from his wife Isabella of Woodhouses Wingate . Funeral to be at Wingate Churchyard Sunday 27th WO4375
Thompson William Nov 23rd 1892   born Jun 5th 1871 son of William and Isabella Thompson interred at Wingate on 25th Nov.Cortege from Wood Houses WO4419
Thornton John Jun 8th 1888 82 yrs interred Monk Hesledon WO4322
Thorp Jane Jul 23rd 1839 51 yrs   WO4326
Thorp John  Mar 23rd 1864 73 yrs   WO4293
Thorp John Williamson 29th Jan 1871 6 yrs 10 mths son of Williamson and Mary Thorp WO4426
Thorpe Williamson Jun 13th 1892 72 yrs of 36 Town Wall WO4368
Thubron Ada Anne Jan 14th 1876 8yrs 10mths daughter of Robert & John Thubron of Hutton Henry WO4357
Thubron Berton John Jun 4th 1875 1 month son of Robert & Jane Thubron of Hutton Henry WO4343
Thubron Elizabeth May 23rd 1889 45 yrs wife of FW Thubron of Hutton Henry WO4307
Thubron George Herbert Dec 2nd 1875 11 yrs son of Robert & Jane Thubron of Hutton Henry WO4343
Thubron George Herbert Dec 2nd 1875   born Mar 20th 1864 son of Robert & Jane of Hutton Henry WO4357
Thubron Robert May 15th 1867 69 yrs of Sheraton interred Monk Hesledon WO4295
Thubron Thomas Frederick Dec 13th 1875 6 yrs son of Robert and Jane Thubron of Hutton Henry WO4343 WO4311
Thwaites Richard Mar 24th 1881 79 yrs of Trimdon Grange. Interred at Kelloe Cemetery WO4338
Todd Albert Charles Sep 24th 1875 5 yrs son of Charles and Mary Grace Todd of Hartlepool WO4371
Todd Charles Stanley Nov 21st 1876 6 mths child of Charles and Mary Grace Todd. Interred Hartlepool WO4294
Todd Edith Mary Jun 22nd 1883 10 yrs daughter of William Joseph and Catherine Todd WO4301
Todd Sidney George Dec 31st 1874 7 mths son of Charles and Mary Grace Todd of Hartlepool WO4371
Todd William Oct 19th 1880 50 yrs of Hartlepool died at his residence Preston on Tees WO4303
Trotter Isabella Jun 29th 1861 61 yrs interred at Elwick WO4373 WO4351
Tulloch Isabella Nov 26th 1880 76 yrs of Hartlepool WO4293
Turner Mary Ann Dec 189? 48 yrs interred in Hartlepool Cemetery WO4294
Tweddell George Dec 7th 1872 59 yrs died at Corbridge. Interred Hartlepool Dec 10th WO4376
Tynemouth Mary Ann Feb 3rd 1855 13 months of West Hartlepool WO4369
Vale Albert Apr 21st 1892 11 weeks son of Sarah Ann and Isaac Vale WO4309
Vest Elizabeth Nov 18th 1891 59 yrs interred East Hartlepool Cemetery Nov 22nd WO4308
Waite Alexander Dobson May 11th 1885 Aged 15 years son of John Dobson Waite WO4398
Waite John Dobson 28th July 1891 65 years late of Hartlepool died Seaton Carew. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery July 30th 3 o clock WO4401
Walker Robert Sep 17th 1871 85 yrs of Sedgefield WO4423
Walker William 23rd July 1871 81 yrs Of Rift House interred at Seaton Carew WO4403
Wall Mary Mar 6th 1881 56 yrs   WO4390
Wall Rebecca 30th Aug 1871 9 months adopted daughter of John and Mary Bell WO4408
Wall Susannah 10th Jan 1871 35 years died at Hartlepool.  WO4408
Waller Mary 1st May 1876 81 years   WO4405 WO4344
Walls Alice 13th Dec 1881 49 years   WO4405
Walters John Jun 2nd 1889 45 yrs husband of Hannah Walters of Hartlepool WO4386
Walters Phoebe Mar 10th 1885 44 yrs wife of Thomas Waters WO4368
Walton Mrs Apr 16th 1908   15 Rowell St Hartlepool Thanks for sympathy WO4341
Ward Mary Aug 10th 1884 35 yrs wife of Christopher Ward died at Throston, Hartlepool WO4386
Warwick George Frederick Guy Jun 5th 1871 3yrs died Jun 5th 1871 WO4386
Warwick Mark May 5 th 1871 5 yrs died May 5th 1871 WO4386
Warwick Mark Oct 16th 1866 54 yrs   WO4386
Warwick Rosa Emily Verona May 3rd 1871 2 yrs died May 3rd 1871 WO4386
Waters David Dec 5th 1861 3 yrs 10 mths Sons and daughters of James & ? Waters WO4311
Waters Ellen Feb 17th 1853 1 yr 9 mths Sons and daughters of James & ? Waters WO4311
Waters Ellenor Jan 18th 1843 1 yr 4 mths Sons and daughters of James & ? Waters WO4311
Waters John George Oct 1st 1861 5 yrs 9 mths Sons and daughters of James & ? Waters WO4311
Waters Mary Jane Jan 6th 1867 4 yrs 10 mths Sons and daughters of James & ? Waters WO4311
Watkins John Jan 18th 1888 49 yrs of 19 Brunswick St. Interred  Hartlepool Cemetery 22nd WO4311
Watson Mary Jane May 22nd 1909 39 yrs wife of late George W Watson of Hartlepool. Died at Conception-de-Loro Mexico WO4312
Watson William Esq May 15th 1850 60 yrs   WO4311
Watt Adam 22nd Jun 1887 78 years 2 Marine Cres. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Jun 27th WO4391
Watt Elizabeth 8th Jan 1867 24 years wife of George Watt WO4391
Watt John Davison 26th Dec 1869 2 years   WO4392
Watt Mary Jan 3rd 1871 52 yrs wife of John D Watt pilot of Hartlepool WO4380
Wear Jeremiah 15th June 1890 39 yrs   WO4390
Webber Catherine 26th Jan 1885 70 years interred Snape Churchyard  Jan 29th(on same card as Samuel Webber) WO4388
Webber Samuel 18th Feb 1885 76 years Interred West Hartlepool Cemetery (same card as Catherine Webber) WO4388
Wells George Sergeant Feb 5th 1886 45 yrs died suddenly at Sunderland interred Hartlepool Cemetery on 9th WO4326
West Sarah Jane Jul 1871 2ys 10 Mths daughter of Henry and Mary  West WO4390
Westmoreland John Jan 7th 1871 54 yrs of Hartlepool WO4317
Westmoreland Mary 14th Apr 1887 34 yrs interred in Hartlepool Cemetery WO4299
Wetherell Ann Oct 17th 1870 45 yrs   WO4313
Wetherell Ann Nov 11th 1873 30 yrs wife of Joseph Wetherell of Hartlepool WO4313 or 2
Wetherell Anne Frances Feb 26th 1875 9 yrs daughter of Joseph and late Ann Wetherell of Hartlepool WO4314
Wetherell Frances Jan 26th 1873 66 yrs relict of late Bartholemew Wetherell of Hartlepool WO4314
Wetherell James May 27th 1887   born 31st March 1843 of Hartlepool WO4314
Whelpdale Freddy Mar 9th 1885 7 yrs 11 mths son of John and Hannah Whelpdale killed by a tram WO4317
Whelpdale John William Feb 15th 1890 28 yrs son of John and Hannah Whelpdale. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4356
White George Jun 11th 1870 81 yrs of Ipswich WO4343
White Jane Apr 11 th 1867 39 yrs wife of John White. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery Apr 14th WO4309
White Richard  30th May 1876 84 years of Hartlepool interred Hartlepool Cemetery 2nd June 1876 WO4427
Whitelock Catherine Oct 25th 1852 18 yrs died at Hartlepool youngest daughter of James and Mary Whitelock WO4296
Whitelock Mary Dec 3rd 1873 70 yrs wife of James Whitelock of Hartlepool WO4295
Whitworth Mary Mar 16th 1886 83 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery 19th March WO4360
Wilkinson Eleanor 21st Apr 1873 66 yrs of Hartlepool WO4292
Wilkinson George Sep 14th 1869 53 yrs of Hartlepool. Interred at St Helier's General Cemetery Jersey 17th  WO4311
Wilkinson Henry Jan 17th 1888 60 yrs interred in Wingate Churchyard WO4317
Wilkinson Jane Ann Feb 17th 1845 3 yrs 1 mth   WO4307
Wilkinson John 13th Jun 1855 55 yrs late of Hartlepool died on the barque 'Oak' on a passage to Malta and buried at sea while crossing the Bay of Biscay WO4295
Wilkinson John Aug 2nd 1866 72 yrs of Hartlepool father of Amelia Wilkinson and Elizabeth Stones WO4317
Wilkinson John Apr 28th 1875 36 yrs of 11 St Hilda St Hartlepool WO4385
Wilkinson Robert Apr 13th 1888 28 yrs husband of Annie Wilkinson of Crowshouse WO4384
Wilks Elizabeth Sep 21st 1854 21 yrs   WO4383
Williams James Priestley 9th Aug 1859 17 years Of 1 William St Bishopwearmouth. Son of James Williams. printer and stationer WO4419
Williamson George Oct 10th 1861 4 and half yrs   WO4384
Willis Elizabeth Apr 16th 1875 49 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4325
Wilson Ada Apr 30th 1878 6yrs 9 mths daughter of William Wilson. Interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4384
Wilson Christiana 22nd Jun 1891 24 years wife of John Wilson, daughter of George and Christiana Robson. Died Hartlepool WO4431
Wilson George Aug 8th 1890 74 yrs husband of Hannah Wilson interred Hartlepool Cemetery 12th WO4322  WO4316
Wilson Jane Aug 8th 1864 6 mths   WO4323
Wilson Mary May 30th 1876 69 yrs died at Sheraton WO4383
Winspeare  William Jun 1st 1873 17 and half interred Hartlepool Cemetery  WO4354
Winspeare John 7th Jul 1887 35yrs of Hartlepool WO4390
Winspeare Thomas William Dec 13th 1870 26 yrs interred Hartlepool Cemetery  WO4354
Winstanley Frances 8th Nov 1871 63  years   WO4425
Winter Frederick George Dec 26th 1872 13 yrs    WO4417  WO4342
Witty Robert Nov 29th 1885 50 yrs of Hartlepool interred Dec 2nd WO4346
Wood Joseph Dec 5th 1875 10 yrs 8 mths son of John and E. Wood of Wingate Grange WO4312
Worth Albert Ernest 26th Feb 1883 9 years son of William and Mary Jane Worth WO4426
Wray Annie 16th May 1883 20 years daughter of John Wray of Monk Hesleden WO4426
Wray John  22nd Jan 1871 48 years   WO4405
Wright Catherine Dec 5th 1876 30 yrs wife of David Wright died King William's Town South Africa WO4324
Wright Henry 3rd August 1884 Aged 28 yrs Died Castle Eden Colliery interred Hartlepool Cemetery WO4402
Wright Margaret 29th November 1861 Aged 77 yrs of Elwick  WO4402
Wright Mary Dec 23rd 1868 46 yrs   WO4325
Wright Thomas 23rd April 1890 38 years husband of Mary Ann Wright of Hartlepool WO4401
Wright William 12th Feb 1887 3 years interred Hartlepool Cemetery  WO4407
Wright William Dec 22nd 1885 78 yrs of Hartlepool . Interred Hartlepool Cemetery on 25th. Cortege from 3 Moor Terr (see both cards) WO4407  WO4359
Yates Frederick Apr 6th 1886 43 yrs accidentally killed Hutton Henry Colliery .Interred Apr 9th WO4378
Yeoman Eveline Mary May 7th 1890 1 yr 7 mths youngest child of Francis & Mary Jane Yeoman WO4306
Yeoman Francis Apr 28th 1914 66 yrs   WO4342
Yiend Sydney James May 5th 1890 8 mths son of William & Alice Maud Yiend of Seaton Carew WO4304
Youlden Bella Jun 22nd 1890 46 yrs wife of John Youldon of Hartlepool WO4308
Younghusband  Mrs     Mrs Younghusband and family thanking for sympathy shown. Granville House Hartlepool WO4366
Younghusband Jane May 31st 1883   born July 30th 1819 wife of George of Hartlepool WO4333

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