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Compliment cards, visiting cards and miscellaneous invitations

Adams Mr MrsJ compliment bride Emma Doody   
Addie Mr Mrs J  compliment bride Jessie Mitchell, 4 Laburnum St, W.Hpool Feb 21st 1889
Albarn Mr Mrs compliment maiden name Charlotte(Sissie) Corp, 14 Moor Terr, Hpool 6th Aug 1906
Arbuckle Mr Mrs Alexander compliment maiden name Lottie Wardle 9 Raby st Hpool  
Armstrong Mrs S Party 14 Victoria Place Juvenile party Wesleyan Schoolroom Hart Street Jan 3rd 1893
Ashton Mr Mrs Tom Parker compliment bride Margaret Graham Charlton Sep 15th 1888
Atkinson Mr Mrs invitation 3 Acclom St request visit to mark son Egbert's return from South Africa Jul 12th 1901
Backhouse John visiting card 66 Gilmour St South Stockton  
Baines Mrs George H visiting card Bradgate Victoria Rd W Hpool  
Barber Mr Mrs Frederick compliment maiden name Annie Chaytor, Rokeby St Central Est 8th Oct 1904
Bean Rev. Mrs B compliment Harriet Dobing Pearson  3 Castle Terr, Douglas , Isle of Man Jul 22nd 1883
Belk Mr Mrs Herbert visiting card Hastings Lodge Hpool  
Belk Mrs William  visiting card 5 South Cres Hpool  
Bell Mrs E Hyslop at home Houghton House W Hpool.. 1st Monday  
Bennett Mr FH visiting card 13 Bellerby Terr W Hpool  
Bernstein Mr Mrs confirmation of son Bernard at Middlesbrough dejeuner at the home 99 Newport Rd Middlesbrough Jan 31st 1880
Berry Miss visiting card Claremont West Hartlepool  
Berven Mrs CM visiting card York Rd 1876
Blumer Mrs George visiting card 8 Albion Terrace Hartlepool  
Boardman Mr & Mrs Malachi compliment maiden name Jane Ann Coulson, Kirklington Bedale  
Boydell Miss E S visiting card Wingate Vicarage  
Bradley Mr Mrs George compliment Miss S Race  
Bridge Hotel supper Hartlepool Ma 25th 1889
Brown Mr John visiting card York Rd  
Brown Mr Mrs Robert Weams compliment bride Lillian Myers , Bilton House 34 Grange Rd, W Hpool Feb 28th 1911
Brunton Mrs visiting card Meadow Bank Castle Eden  
Burdon Mr Mrs dance coming of age dance Cleveland  Hall Hartlepool for neice Nellie Moore. St Hilda Cres Middlegate 3rd Nov 1911
Burdon Mr Mrs Rowland at home The Castle , Castle Eden Co Durham  
Butterworth Mr John R visiting card Kirkham Hartlepool  
Casebourne Mr Mrs G.E. compliment married  Miss F. F. Robinson  
Casson Mr Mrs Charles Albert compliment bride Frances Mary Arnison, 14 Archer Street West Hartlepool  
Collis Dr &  Mrs Collis Barry compliment bride Charlie Price, Castle Eden  
Cornforth Master Jack invitation Cambridge Rd West Hpool  
Coulson Mr Mrs Cuthbert compliment 29 Tankerville St West Hartlepool , Henrietta Armstrong Dec 27th 1910
Craven Mr Mrs Charles compliment maiden name Adelaide Brown at home Aug 23rd and 24th Low Tunstall W Hpool Aug 10th 1904
Crowe Mr Mrs CC compliment bride Harriet Nicholson  
Davidson Mrs visiting card Seaton Carew  
Davison RH visiting card 4 Beaconsfield Square Hpool  
Denton Miss visiting card 5 Cliff Terrace  
Denton Mr Mrs John    Cliff Terrace  
Denton, Evelyn, Emily,Eva, Mr, Mrs   Norton House  
Dickinson Ernest visiting card 25 Collingwood Rd W.Hpool  
Donkin Charles visiting card The Hospital Hartlepool 1883
Dormand Maud S   Town Wall Hartlepool 1890
Douglas Mr Mrs A cake card Archibald SS Douglas & Gertrude E Blackburn, Castle Eden Colliery Sep 6th 1902
Douglas Mr Mrs James cake card Ellie ' Nellie' Coward, Philadelphia Jun 30th
Douglas R compliment 34 Holt St West Hartlepool  
Douglas Rev JC visiting card Marine Cres Hartlepool  
Emmerson Mrs invitation Dance at Temperance Hall Hartlepool  
Farrar Mr Mrs John W compliment maiden name Martha Teresa (Patty) Tritschler, Stanningley House Hartlepool 24th Nov 1892
Forcer Mr Mrs invitation Progressive whist at High Schools Hesleden Jan 22nd 1906
Francis Mr Mrs invitation Brougham St Hpool 21st party for daughter Ria at the Town Hall Mar 18th 1903
Gardner Mr Mrs John invitation Whist Drive and Dance at Glencrag Hotel Hart Station. Train leaves Hartlepool 6 p.m. West Hartlepool 6.15pm. Return from Hart 12 pm  
Gardner Mr Mrs William (Evelyn Lazenby) cake card 34 Suggitt St West Hartlepool Aug 2nd 1937
Glendinning Mrs at home Carlton Terrace Hartlepool Jan 20th 1892
Graham Mr CR compliment 9 Regent St Hpool married Miss Elizabeth Oliver Dec 26th 1888
Graham Mr Mrs CR compliment Mr Graham 6 Regent St, Miss Oliver 127 Durham St  
Graham Mr Mrs Thomas compliment bride Lillie Brown 19 Sea View Terr Hartlepool  
Graves Mr Mrs Thomas George christening Hartlepool Sep 4th 1855
Gray Dr and Mrs William compliment Maiden name Gertrude Eva Mudd, Victoria Rd W Hpool, At home Sep 27th,28th,29th Aug 24th 1904
Guy Capt. And Mrs WH compliment married Mary Nisbet, Torquay Mar 1889
Hall Mr Mrs Samuel compliment bride Emily Swales West End House Skipwith  
Heald HM compliment married St Hildas Hartlepool, Maud Watson, 17 French St Derby Oct 10th 1906
Henderson Mr Mrs compliment bride E Jane Keen, Penny St High Shields  
Hodgson Mrs invitation Sedgewick House Hpool . Invitation to dance  Aug 5th----
Hoggan Mr Mrs Preston compliment Silver Wedding, Union Hotel Hartlepool Dec 17th 1905
Howes Mr Mrs R compliment bride Susie Parkes 7 Hunter St  
Humphreys William H banquet Complimentary banquet at King's Head Hotel. Lists  8 friends May 11th 1893
Iley Mr invitation Lumley Square evening party in Lodge Room Temperance Hall Hartlepool Jan 26th 1884
Ingram Mr Mrs John compliment bride Louisa May Smyth Alpine Terrace, Dalbeattie  
Irvine Capt.&Mrs Robert invitation company dinner Louvine Lodge West Hpool  
Irvine Mr Mrs invitation Orchard House W Hpool  Dancing Apr 15th……
Jameson JT compliment C. Towers  
Jobson Mr Mrs invitation Dance at Temperance Hall Hartlepool Jan 24th 1877
Johnson Mr Mrs Albert  compliment married Ellen Craven Middle Warren Hart Dec 6th 1911
Johnson Mr Mrs Albert E compliment maiden name Ellen Craven, Middle Warren, Hart Dec 6th 1911
Lawson Mr Mrs T compliment bride Elizabeth Paterson Lumley St Hartlepool  
Lister Mary invitation 11 Beaconsfield Square. Christmas party Dec 23rd 1897
Maggs supper Magg's Eating House Gentleman's Ticket Dec 29th 1873
Mitchell Mr Mrs F compliment bride Rose Garvey at St Mary's Church Sep 16th 1916
Moore Mrs invitation Lumley Square evening party in Lodge Room Temperance Hall Hartlepool Jan 26th 1884
Mortimer Mrs visiting card The Vicarage Seaton Carew Jun 14th 1892
Mudd Mrs at home Greencliffe Hartlepool  
Murphy Mr Mrs  JW Hartley compliment bride Mabel Gardin 154 Russell St, Alexander Park Manchester Sep 7th 1898
Myers Mr Mrs compliment maiden name SJ Brown, Oscar St W Hpool Aug 23rd 1892
Neilson Mrs visiting card at home 15 Cliff Terrace Hartlepool Jan 8th 1892
Normand Maud S visiting card Town Wall Hartlepool Aug 24th 1902
Oldfield Mr Mrs WF compliment bride Jennie Morgans , York Rd Hpool  
Oliver Miss Elizabeth compliment 127 Durham St Hpool married Mr CR Graham Dec 26th 1888
Oliver Mr Mrs W compliment maiden name Leta Mary Kirk  
Page Emmie Miss   61 High Street  Hartlepool  
Porritt Mr Mrs J compliment 5 Victoria Place Hpool  
Pyman Mr Mrs invitation The Willows West Hartlepool  
Pyman Mr Mrs T E visiting card at home, Hudworth Tower Castle Eden  
Pyman Mr Mrs TE at home Hudworth Tower Castle Eden  
Randell Mr J 21st b'day at Town hall Hartlepool. 59 Durham St 12th Nov 1920
Rawlings Misses invitation Progressive bridge Feb 23rd 1911
Robertson W A dinner on occasion of his translation. A menu card. Hartlepool Apr 29th 1909
Robinson Mr Mrs at home Hartdale West Hartlepool May 26th 1891
Ropner Major & Mrs invitation Hardwick Hall Castle Eden Nov 1880
Ropner Major & Mrs invitation Hardwick Hall Castle Eden Nov 1880
Sanderson Mrs A visiting card 8 Beaconsfield St Hartlepool  
Scaife Mr WH visiting card Hartdale House near Stranton  
Scotson Mr Mrs John W compliment M Hunter   Town Wall Hartlepool  
Scott Gibb Mrs W invitation Moor House Hartlepool Feb 17th 1911
Scott Mr Mrs R compliment Mrs Budd  
Scrutton Mr Mrs RW compliment High St   
Seal Mrs Walter visiting card Westfield House W Hpool  
Shaw Mrs E at home Holy Trinity Vicarage Parish Room  Dock St Nov 26th 1891
Shields Mr Mrs compliment William Henry Shields & Elizabeth Ann Bennett (Minnie)  
Sivewright Mr Mrs W wedding card 15 Farndale Terr W Hpool William Sivewright and Mary Shadforth 1887
Sivewright Mr Mrs William compliment maiden name Mary Shadforth, 15 Farndale Terr West Hpool 10th Jun 1887
Smith Mr Mrs Thomas compliment bride Nellie Campbell 8 St Hilda St Nov 18th 1906
Spence Mr EL visiting card Albion Terrace  
Spencer Mr visiting card The Villa Seaton Carew  
Swallow Mrs at home Drewton Upper Park Rd  
Trechmann Mr Mrs OK compliment    
Trenholm Mr Mrs Arthur compliment maiden name Elizabeth Rudd, St Hilda's Parish Church. Broughton Bridge Farm Stokesley July  7th 1909
Turner John invitation Dinner at Station Hotel W Hpool Dec 7th 1855
Vick Mrs at home Strathmore House Apr 16th 1890
Walker Mr Mrs C compliment Carlton Terrace Hartlepool  
Wallace Mr Mrs CA compliment 6 Montague St Hartlepool married Florence Fleetham  Oct 12th 1903
Walters Mr Mrs CCR compliment bride Mary E Stafford  Studley Road  
Wetherall Brother DSJT for South Durham New Year card 27 Alderson St West Hartlepool Jan 1892
Whelpton Mr Mrs JW compliment maiden name Mary Ibbetson, Durham St, Hartlepool  
Wilson Miss Lily Birthday garden party The Cottage Eagglescliffe, Yarm Aug 18th
Wilson Mr & Mrs TS compliment TS Wilson & Miss Maria Hodgson 3 Alderson St W Hpool  
Withy Mr Vivian invitation Dinner at Grand Hotel. RSVP to Brantford House W Hpool Oct 9th 1901
Yuill Mr Mrs Frederick (Mary A Douglas) cake card 34 Holt St West Hartlepool Sep 22nd 1906

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