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Avenue Road School

Notes from Log Book in Teesside Archives

The  school opened in 1904 having been bought by West Hartlepool Education Authority from the Wesleyans . It had been the Wesleyan Higher Grade School and in 1904 it was in some way renovated.

In 1904, there were 345 on roll. It was a fee paying school  and the log book of 1904 says:

Grants @ 22shillings a head = £379.10s

Cookery 88 @ 4 shillings= £7.12s

Reports by inspectors of 1915 call the school ' a fee paying council school'

Nov 28th 1916  school closed owing to zeppelin raid which affected several people

July 1923, 379 on roll-- 15 boys and 8 girls left for Elwick Road and 12 boys and 6 girls to seconary and high schools

Inspection of 1938 said 'premises not good, classrooms uneven, playground small, offices (toilets?)unpleasant, old fashioned type with no individual flush, no indoor sanitary provision for staff. Numbers are decreased and it would be an advantage if thet were somewhat further reduced so that there need only be one class in the most northerly room at present divided by partition providing two very small teaching areas'

Sep 8th 1939, an evacuation party took 103 children to Saltburn. The teachers taking them were Miss Coldray, Miss Lincoln and Miss Pinkney(later head of Rossmere Infants')

In Oct 1939 there were 82 boys, 63 girls and 70 infants

Jan 1940, the school was taken over by the military. Staff were deployed and children were transferred to the following schools;

Lister Street 145

Oxford Street 7

Lynnfield 28

Jesmond Road 1

Dyke House 1


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