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From Hartlepool Mail letters re. Elwick Road School

In 1999, the school had a reunion prior to demolition and this provoked quite a lot of interest. One visitor was ex dance teacher Cora Tucker, then 95 who said ;

"A few of the males who attended seemed to have forgotten they were nicknamed Elwick road Bulldogs and the Tech boys were Tech, Tech Mucky Necks. When I attended it was a secondary modern school and we paid sixpence to attend. We did not wear uniforms and were not allowed to cycle to school unless we lived over Caledonian Road way. On Empire Day we sang outside dressed in our best. There was a photo taken of us in 1911 holding flags of England, Scotland and Wales which I gave the museum. I was holding the Welsh flag with a Welsh girl called Robinson.

I remember Miss Vart headmistress of the junior school and Miss Leech of the seniors.

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