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Fun in the snow

What we know about this image :

For many, many years children used the slopes in the Burn Valley for sledging on snowy winter days. With a good sledge and hard packed snow, it was possible to fly across the bridge over the beck or perhaps in it! This image was taken in December 1964. Notice that there are no visible adults !

By contrast, see the right hand image Taken from the same spot now. Around 2010, the council altered the land at bottom of the hill and made it a 'wild' area where children could hopefully pond dip and watch wildlife. Unfortunately this idea does not seem to have worked very well and today's generation of children will never be able to have fun in the snow like their parents and grandparents did.

Date (of image) : 0/12/1964

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : NDM and Don Stephenson


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