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1936 - West Hartlepool Elwick Road Old Boys

What we know about this image :

One of the many successful Schoold Boys that have featured the Club scene in town since the early days of the 20th century, Elwick Road had several oustanding seasons in the Durham County Junior Cup and Fourth Teams Shield,in the thirties.

They carried off the Fourth Teams Shield in 1932 when they defeated Gateshead Fell IV by 9 - 0, the previous season they had reached the Pyman Cup Final goping down to Old Boys II by 5 -3.

 Then in 34/35 season they travelled to Houghton for the Junior Cup Final going down by just 8 - 0 to Sunderland Hornets. In 1935/36 season they again made it to the Final this time at Clarence Road when they overcame Hartlepool B.B.O.B by 12 pts to 6.

No doubt the trophies were proudly displayed at the Beechfield Drive home of Club President Mr Peacock.


Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Trainer Mr Kearsley,
  2. R. Pearson,
  3. S. Yule,
  4. A. Astbury,
  5. lan Whitworth,
  6. J. Lewis,
  7. John Whitworth,
  8. Walter Dodd,
  9. R. Johnson,
  10. Trainer Mr Pearson

Row 2

  1. H. Holmes,
  2. E. Wilson,
  3. A. Gibson (Hon. Sec.),
  4. Jack Hastings (Captain),
  5. Mr Peacock (President), 
  6. A. Close,
  7. J. Lightfoot.

Row 3

  1. W. Ord,

  2. I. Telfer

Date (of image) : 1936

Donor : Hartlepool & District RFU

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "Walter Dodds" collection


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