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Sacred Heart Primary School 1954

What we know about this image :

A Photograph of the pupils in class 8 at Sacred Heart Primary School 1954

Left to Right.

Back Row

(1)Zenu Noval,(2)Tony Wetherhead,(3)David Hodge,(4)John Johnson,(5)John johnstone,(6)Paul Mirrow,(7)Alan Cockerill,(8)Tommy Connoley,(9)Billy Martin,(10)Terry Robinson,(11)Barry Parkes.

Middle Row

(1)John Brown,(2)Eddie Kitching.(3)Michael Wilkinson,(4)?,(5)John Parsons,(6)Louis Horwood,(7)David Casey,(8)Alan Musgrove,(9)Lynn Fryer,(10)Kevin Linighan,(11)Graham Atkinson,(12)Norman Buckley.

Front Row

(1)Josephine Nuttall,(2) ?,(3)Judith Milner,(4)Linda Wilson,(5)Maureen Rafferty,(6)Angela Barton,(7)Miss Butler,(8)Maureen Linighan,(9)Jennifer Williams,(10)Kathleen Jukes,(Jaqueline Hunter,(12)Patsy Gpwland,(13)?

Date (of image) : 1954

Donor : John Parsons


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