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Aerial photo circa 1945 Dyke House and Brougham Schools

What we know about this image :

Photo will probably have been taken when Dyke House School was opened in 1945 having been built just before WW2. The road in the middle leading up to Dyke House School is Mapleton Road (then called Hart Street being changed in 1967 because of another Hart Street on the Headland) The school in the foreground is the original Brougham which is now an enterprise centre.

The road on the right is Milbank Road which at the time did not reach Powlett Road. The new factory in Powlett Road is Prices Tailors, the first factory opened on the trading estate in 1945.  The roundabout where Easington, Raby and Powlett Roads and Winterbottom Ave meet had not been constructed and would later be  in the top left.

Date (of image) : 1945

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service

Part of the "Hartlepool Library Collection" collection


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