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1959 - Hartlepool Galleys Field School

What we know about this image :

The Galleys team of 59/60 season with three teachers shown, Laurie Judge, Fred Peverley and Owen Simmonds, whose enthusiasm for the game resulted in Galleys successful teams, all three were members of Rovers who benefitted with some fine players joining them along with Dave Snowdon went on to play for Brigade, with John Stonehouse and Ray Duffield joining Old Boys.

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Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1


    Mr. Laurie Judge  


    James Pounder  


    Fred Powell  


    Tony Daniel  


    David Foster  


    Mr. Fred Peverley  


    John Henderson  


    Leslie Marine  


    Eric Wilmot  


    Alistair Armstrong  


    Mr. Owen. Simmonds


Row 2

  1. Terrance Ashley  

  2. John Sotheran  

  3. Tony Rennie  

  4. David Snowdon  

  5. Ronald Peek  

  6. John Stonehouse  

  7. Derek Harrison  

  8. Bertie Howe  

  9. John Flounders

Row 3


    Eric Leighton    


     Raymond Duffield 


Date (of image) : 1960

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service

Part of the "Galleys Field Through the Ages / Ian Fletcher" collection


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