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Franklin's Corner (1)

What we know about this image :

This early image was taken by Edward Backhouse in 1853. The white building on the nearside of the view was named after the family, Franklin, who lived there. It was on the corner of what is now the Cliff with the low brick wall on the corner of what was Seaton Lane and is now Station Lane. The Seaton Hotel can be seen towards the end of the image. Note how close the houses are to the beach.

The old cannon that was brought up from the Tees was embedded in the sea-wall here for a while before it was moved to the grass verge where it can be seen in other photos.

Date (of image) : 1853

Donor : Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham

Creator : Edward Backhouse

Part of the "Pattison's Photographs" collection


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