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Staincliffe and villas - 1888

What we know about this image :

Staincliffe House and the adjoining villas were built by Thomas Walker in 1869. He had a sawmill, established in 1851, in Mainsforth Terrace employing 200 men. The house was bought by William Gray in 1921 as a convallescent home for his workers. By 1929 it was owned by TW Pinkney and was in use as a country club, although not licensed to sell alchohol, then, during WW2 it was taken over by the army. In the very early 1940s it was taken over by Vaux Breweries and converted to a hotel and became licenced. Note the low light to the back of the image.

Date (of image) : 1888

Donor : Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham

Creator : James Whitehead Pattison

Part of the "Pattison's Photographs" collection


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