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Buses in Raby Road

What we know about this image :

Taken in the 1950s, the Wesley can be seen on the left and the Northern Daily Mail Office on the far right. The area on the right has been completely demolished and rebuilt. Behind the buses, the roof of the Town Hall can be seen.

Somebody with a knowledge of buses, has inscribed on the reverse of the image:  Left is a United Bristol single deck bus service 40 to Sunderland. The first double decker is a United Bristol service 40A from Easington Village and Peterlee. THe bus at the rear is a Sunderland District Leyland service 40 from Sunderland.

This was in the days when there was a very thriving bus station which was constantly full of buses wearing the livery of many different North East companies. it stood where the 'transport interchange' can now be found close to the Marina Bridge.

Information from Stephen Young states that the building on the right of the image with Public Post on the gable end was the Peal Assurance House. 

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