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Seaton Hotel

Details about Seaton Hotel

On 28 September 1790 the Ship Inn at Seaton Carew with two fields adjoining & several houses & garths was advertised to be sold by auction. In 1791 the inn was being advertised as being available to let from May of that year along with the garden, coach houses, stables etc. & a good quantity of adjoining land.

George Pearson, a wealthy gentleman of Durham, already had considerably property in Seaton Carew & by 1792 had purchased the Ship Inn & all that went with it. He pulled down the old building & had a coach house & six adjoining houses built on the site to cater for the wealthy Quakers who frequented the village during the summer months. The coach house was named the New Inn & remained so until the name changed to the Seaton Hotel between 1800 & 1804 although, on occasion, up until 1808 the media still referred to the property as the Ship Inn. The lodging houses in Church Street were connected by a passageway through the cellars to the inn kitchen. This was situated where now (2017) there is an archway in Church Street to the rear car park.


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