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Marks & Spencer store, Hartlepool. Notes kindly given by Marks and Spencer Archives. Website as shown.


There is evidence that Marks & Spencer had a Penny Bazaar in the Market Hall in Hartlepool at the turn of the 20th century.

 In 1909 a new branch was opened at 39 Lynn Street. This was part of the director William Chapman's expansionist policy. The store was an open fronted Penny Bazaar. There were no windows so the sales assistants worked unprotected from the elements at all times. Simple household items were displayed on the counters and hanging from the ceiling, all priced at one penny. The selling area was 18 feet, six inces by 39 feet, six inches. Six years later in 1915, the company took out a 15 year lease at a cost of £115 per annum. Fifty years later in 1959, Liptons the grocers had occupied the site and the ceiling that Marks & Spencer had put up in 1909 was still in first-class condition .

 This branch was closed in 1926 with the opening of the new store in August at 47/49 Lynn Street. This store had large glass windows and the goods were carefully displayed within these. For example, on 20 August 1926 the window had a display of small toy dolls and miniature cars, toilet preparations, loofahs and crockery.

 On 8 December 1933 this store was extended.

 It was extended further on 24 November 1938. The main frontage covered 68 feet with a total selling area of 7,700 square feet.

 This store was closed on 28 October 1969 on the advent of the new branch that was to open in the town's shopping centre.

 This was opened two days later on 30 October 1969 at The Shopping Centre, Middleton Grange; the manager was Mr P. L. Moore. The main frontage measured 75 feet and the total sales area covered 18,500 square feet. Although Hartlepool had had a Marks & Spencer store in their town for almost 70 years this branch was on a new site and the store was bright, modern and in keeping with the new 1970s style of retail outlet.

 In July 2002 the store was renewed. New signage and lighting were installed as part of the nationwide renewal programme.

In 2014, the Hartlepool store closed and a M and S Food Store replaced it at Anchor Retail Park at the Marina.



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