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Conner & Co.

Details about Conner & Co.

Robert Livingston and George Steel traded as managers and shipbrokers under the title of G. Steel & Co. The partnership was dissolved  in April 1889 with George carrying on trading as G. Steel & Co. In the same year Robert Livingston and Leonard Richard Conner went into partnership as Livingston, Conner & Co. R. Livingston & Co., and L.R. Conner & Co., were founded in 1899 with  offices at Church Street, West Hartlepool with the partnership of Livingston, Conner & Co., officially dissolved in July 1900. L.R. Conner & Co. ceased trading in 1916.

Family History:

Leonard Richard Conner was born in c1842 at Greenwich. He married Sarah in 1865 and, by 1881, was living at Stranton with his wife & six children. By the following decade the family were living in Clifton Avenue, West Hartlepool. He died at Hartlepool on 25 July 1918. In his will he left £63, 792.



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