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1895 Haslingden Murrell & Yeoman
1901 Haslingden F. Yeoman
1915 Haslingden F. Yeoman & Sons


The West Hartlepool-owned steamship Haslingden was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB-21 (Bruno Mahn), 7 miles east of Seaham Harbour, on 12th May, 1918. The ship was on a voyage from Rouen to the Tyne in ballast. Master H. Johns.
Eleven crew were lost, including one from the Hartlepools, 28 year-old 2nd Engineer Edward Carroll

The other crewmen who lost their lives were: Bell, John Lenney; Crawshaw, James; Heugh, Robert; Hunt, Cyril Reynolds; Johns, H.; Lyth, Harry; Tucker, William; Whitehurst, Thomas Walter; Whitfield, William; Wiles, William Thomas.



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