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Names and owners




1883 Atalanta Ebdy Blacklin & Co.
1887 Atalanta W. Gray
1889 Atalanta J.S. Allison
1900 Atalanta Angfartygs A/B Kattegat
1916 Atalanta Rederi AB Activ
1917 Atalanta Fornyade Angfartygs A/B Viking


Torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-86 (Friedrich Crusemann) in the North Sea on April 18th, 1917. The ship, on a voyage from Gothenburg to Hull with a cargo of iron, timber and six tons of mail, had been shelled and damaged the previous day by UC-51. Only one member of the crew, the Chief Steward, survived and was landed at Heligoland by the U-86. The Master, Carl Albert Norman, and 15 crew were lost.

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