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1890 Norna Herskind & Woods
1893 Norna Herskind & Co.


Western Daily Press, 1st October, 1902: A Pacific steamer landed at Liverpool yesterday, the crew of the steamship Norna, of West Hartlepool, which was sunk in a fog in the Bay Biscay in collision with the steamship Barry, of Cardiff. The crew were all saved in their boats, and taken aboard the Barry, which damaged above the water-line. The Cardiff  vessel made her way to Ferrol.

The ship was on a voyage from Theodosia to Trondheim with a cargo of grain when she was sunk some 26 miles off Cape Vilano on 20 September 1902.

Masters: 1891-97 DJ Greig: 1898-99 WF Harrison: 1900 DJ Greig.


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