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Mary Ann Frankland

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Mary Ann Frankland was born in 1874, the daughter of Joseph and Eliza Frankland.

She was a dressmaker and worked in Howbeck House until retirement in 1939? She had to walk the two miles to the institution, in the middle of the fields, every day and in all weathers. According to family anecdotes, she never missed a day.

Details of her work history are lost, except these photographs. But she is an example of the many dedicated women, whose loyalty and sacrifice for crown and country helped win two World Wars.

Mary Ann remained a spinster as her fiance returned from WW1 in a vegetative state because of mustard gas poisoning. Also, she nursed two brothers who died of emphysema through working in the saw mill.

She was also a very active member of the Women's Voluntary Service (WVS) in WWII.

She died at 87 in her own home at 12 Gainford Street in January 1961 of a heart attack and smoke inhalation from a dropped candle that burnt a hole in the damp floorboard. She left many nieces and nephews who remembered her fondly as Auntie Polly. 

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