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Lynnfield School girl leavers 1959

What we know about this image :

Lynnfield School leavers 1959 taken in the War Memorial Garden with Ward Street behind

Gillian Banyer (now Smith) 5th from left middle row. Girl on front row in tartan skirt Ann Fothergill. Girl third from right on front row is Beverley Carling and second right is Rita Calvert.

Others unknown order, are Krishna Banzell, Barbara Campbell,Brenda Grudgefield,Janet Thompson,Janet Craven,Heather Arnison,Jean Templeman, Kathleen Gibson, Hilary Watson, Christine Tulip, Lynda Swan, Barbara Scott, Janice Fitzgerald, Kathleen Rollo, Marjorie Kerley, Barbara Douthwaite, Caroline Rollinson, Jean Morrell, Suzanne Kosior, Kathleen Gibson

Date (of image) : 1959

Donor : Gillian Smith


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