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1887 - Hartlepool Trinity Church Juniors

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The Hartlepool Trinity team of 1887. Centre front is Robert F. (Bob) Oakes who became a major figure in Town, County and National Rugby marked eventually by being elected President of the Rugby Football Union, in addition to being Chairman of the England Selectors for many years. He moved to Yorkshire and was Secretary of the Yorkshire RFU for 40 years.

Trinity is one of the many church teams that are prominent in the Game in the early history of the Game, the buidling itself stood at the corner of Vane Street and Milbank Crescent until its demolition in 1955. It was replaced by the new Holy Trinity Church standing in Davison Drive which opened in 1955 and continues to serve the spiritiual needs of the area.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Will Fleetham,
  2. Davy Moore,
  3. Diddler Wilson,
  4. Arthur Fothergill,
  5. Harry Noble,
  6. Frank Ibbitson,
  7. Jack Walton,
  8. Jimmy Sanderson,
  9. Jack Smollett.

Row 2

  1. Bertie Castle,
  2. Jim Young,
  3. Jim Smith,
  4. Alf Johnson,
  5. Connie Chambers.

Row 3

  1. Jimmy Dickinson,
  2. Bob Oakes (Captain)
  3. John Willie Hogg-Hall

Date (of image) : 1887

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service


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