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Seaton Lighthouse

Details about Seaton Lighthouse

The Lighthouse known as the Low Light was built in 1839 on what is now Coronation Drive on the sea front  at the junction with Lawson Road. The Low Light was a 70 feet (21m) tall hexagonal tower with the base at a height of 34 feet (10m) above mean high tide and exhibited a red light. Another lighthouse was erected at the same time at Longhill known as the High Light. From out at sea one light would shine above the other, warning the mariners of the dangers of the rocks so they could navigate safely.

 Trueman's Exeter Flying  Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser April 18th 1839.

Notice to Mariners

Navigation of the River Tees

'Notice is hereby given, that the Tees Navigation Company have caused Light Houses to be erected near the entrance of and a Light Vessel to be moored within the River Tees, from which Lights will be exhibited on the second day of May next and thenceforward continued from Sunset to Sunrise in order that the Tees Bar may be rendered Navigable and anchoragebe obtained within the Bar by Night in favourable weather. The particulars and contemplated application of these Lights are hereinafter described.

The Towers have been erected a short distance northward of Seaton Carew, being situate from each other North 52 15 West and South 52 15 East, distant 3550 feet, from the High or northwestern of which a bright fixed Light and from the Low or southwestern a statiopnary or Red Light will be displayed, the former burning at an elevation of 85 feet and the latter 30 feet above the level of the sea at high water spring tides.Upon the Bran Sand two Towers have also been established, which stand from each other South 29 30 West and North 29 30 East distance 3251 feet, from the high or southern of which a fixed bright Light and from the low or outer a Red stationary Light will be exhibited, the high burning 48 feet and the low 35 feet above the level of the sea at high water spring tides,and a Light Vessel has been moored near where the 5th buoy has hitherto laid, from which a bright Light will be seen in all directions.

The Low Light was purchased by the Corporation in 1892 and was demolished in 1900 to make way for the road and tramway along the banks.




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