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Harland & Co.

Details about Harland & Co.

The company of G.B. Harland & Co. was formed in 1883 with their first steamer Duchess. As well as owning eleven ships throughout the time the company traded they also managed ships.

Family History:

George Blenkhorn Harland was born in 1848 at Sandsend, Yorkshire to parents Thomas and Mary (nee Blenkhorn). He married Isabella Marshall at Hinderwell in 1874. On the 1881 census he was listed as a commercial clerk and the family were living at Milton Road, Stranton. By 1891, still living at the same address, he was listed as being a shipowner. At the time of his death on 6 August 1924 aged 76 George was living at ‘Brooklyn’ Grange Road, West Hartlepool. The family also owned a house at Glaisdale where they spent much of their time. He was survived by his widow and five children. On his death he did not leave a will but his effects amounted to £171,577.


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