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Education Offices Park Road

Details about Education Offices Park Road

West Hartlepool

In 1870 Parliament decided that all children must go to school and the Schools Act said that School Boards must be set up to ensure this happened. The powers in the town at the time decided that there were enough places in existing schools for 3270 children and that a School Board was unnecessary. However, some insisted that 1,800 were roaming the streets and that if the citizens did not set up a School Board, then the Government would.

Many arguments (described as riotous), followed and in March 1875 a School Board was finally appointed and was called Stranton School Board. By 1882 their offices were in Tower Chambers Tower Street. In 1887, the Stranton School Board was renamed West Hartlepool School Board and in 1894 the Education Offices were opened in Park Road.


In 1883, Hartlepool (old area now called the Headland) appointed a School Board and this assimilated the Throston School Board of 1874. In 1945, Durham Education Authority took over Hartlepool schools. (Notes taken from Robert Wood Hartlepool Schools)

Post-1967 Hartlepool

When the two towns were amalgamated, Hartlepool Education Authority was formed and continued until the Cleveland Authority was formed in 1974 and schools were administered by Cleveland Authority. When Cleveland was dissolved in 1996, Hartlepool  schools were once again under the Hartlepool Authority.


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