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1892 Hildawell Harland & Co.
1903 Hildawell Willis


The West Hartlepool-owned steamship Hildawell is believed to have been mined and sunk some 25 miles off Seaham Harbour, on 20th December, 1916, with the loss of all hands. The ship was on a voyage from Bilbao, Spain, to Middlesbrough with a cargo of iron ore. Master Henry Ingram.

Twenty two crew were lost, including five from the Hartlepools:
Robert Ernest Hansell
Thomas Wallis Lee
Robert Prentice
David Stewart Warren,
Richard Arthur Witten.

The others lost were:
Capsey, J.; Clarke, John Stephen Lloyd; Helland, M.; Henderson, Benjamin; Ingram, Henry; Kohn, Ole; Parkin, Richard Jefferson; Patterson, Robert Masters; Peterson, Alexander; Pulli, Jacob; Rowlands, Harold; Screeton, George Robert; Small, F.; Stubbernd, H.C.; Wheeler, George William; Wilmshurst, Walter.



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