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Petunia - a general history

Completed March 1889; Official No. 95886: Code Letters LBKM.
Owners: 1889 Petunia S.S. Co. Ltd. West Hartlepool; 1891 J Lilly, Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool; 1907 Lilly Shipping Co. Ltd. West Hartlepool; 1909 James Cormack & Co, Leith.
Masters: 1892 T Sawyer; 1893 T Owen; 1895 FH Watson; 1899 J Owen; 1909 G Hadden; 1903-06 E Robert Frankland (b. 1874 Whitby).

Northern Daily Mail on January 19th, 1906:
"Grave anxiety is now felt for the safety of the West Hartlepool steamer Petunia, which sailed from Norfolk (Virginia), for Bordeaux with timber. Since she left - 35 days ago - nothing is reported to have been seen of the vessel. In view of the stormy weather in the Atlantic, the uneasiness is intensified.

The Petunia is commanded by Captain Frankland, of West Hartlepool, where the Chief Officer, Mr. Hill, also resides. Mr. K. Barkeas, the Chief Engineer, belongs to Seaham; the Second Engineer, Mr. Towers, hails from Pembrokeshire; and Mr. Frederick Tout, Third Engineer, from Exeter. Nine of the seamen and firemen belong to South Shields.

The vessel stands on the overdue list at 92 guineas. She is owned by Messrs. J. Lilly and Co., of West Hartlepool, is of 1,691 tons burden, and was built in 1889."

Dundee Courier, January 23rd, 1906:
SHIPS GIVEN UP FOR LOST ARRIVE IN PORT. The West Hartlepool steamer Petunia, which sailed from Darien for Bordeaux on 13th December, had been given up as end was not insurable. Yesterday she towed into Falmouth. The Petunia lost her propeller on 3rd January, and was not picked until twelve days later.

Belfast News-Letter, January 21st, 1909:
The steel screw steamer Petunia, owned Messrs. J. Lilly & Co. West Hartlepool, and presently lying in the Tyne, has been sold to Messrs. James Cormack Co., for £7,000. She is boat of 1,691 tons gross register, and carries 2,600 tons d.w. on 18 and a half feet. Built at Blyth in 1889, and fitted with triple-expansion engines, 20in., 33in. and 64in., x 36in. stroke. This steamer had £6,300 spent upon her last year in damage repairs. 

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