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Lilly Shipping Co. Ltd.

Details about Lilly Shipping Co. Ltd.

Jesse Lilly & James Wilson operated eight ships from 1883 under Lilly, Wilson & Co., until their partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on 31 July 1891. Jesse Lilly continued operating ships under J. Lilly & Co., which then became Lilly Shipping Co. Ltd. In 1907 the Pocklington Steam Ship Co. Ltd., Petunia Steam Ship Co. Ltd., and Lobelia Steam Ship Co. Ltd., all of which Jesse Lilly was chairman, were wound up with the view to amalgamate with the Lilly Shipping Co.

Family History:

Jesse Lilly was born in April 1847 at Croft, Lincolnshire. He was married at Hartlepool to Elizabeth Ann Fleetham in October 1872 and, by 1873 were living at Musgrave Street, West Hartlepool. By 1901 the family were living at Billingham Hall.

In 1871 he was awarded his second mate's certificate and in 1873 his master's certificate having sailed firstly on the Agenoria of Boston aged 15 as a boy. He then went on to sail on the Florist, Levant and numerous other vessels.

Jesse died aged 60 at Billingham on 25th July 1907 at Stockton-on-Tees leaving effects of £30,678.


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