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1892 - Stranton All Saints Church RFC

What we know about this image :

Discovered during researches in All Saints archives, this is a photograph of the Church Rugby team in Season 1891/1892. 

"Mail" records shows they were defeated by "Hartlepool Old Boys" at Foggy Furze on Saturday, 7th December that season in a Hartlepools Junior Cup tie. This game is also the earliest known game played by " Hartlepool Old Boys" although they date their inception from 1893. The "Mail" report also mentions Mr Thorne played splendid (sic), but he is not of the photo!

A note on the photo reads  “Ted Withy, 151 Stockton Road, possibly E.A.Withy who is on the front row in the picture.


Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

    1. H. Black
    2. W. Wardle
    3. R. Wibba
    4. F. Ryan
    5. Hopps
    6. W.McLean
    7. H. Thomas
    8. R. Clasper
    9. R. Warden
    10. J. Elgie

Row 2

    1. F. Black
    2. W. Newcomb
    3. T. Baker
    4. J. Black
    5. G. Christie

Row 3

    1. E.A Withy,
    2. A. Scot,
    3. C. Elgie,
    4. A. Casper (Captain,
    5. J. Gordon,
    6. G. Coli
    7. J. Gordon

Row 4

  1. W. Waik,
  2. A. Smith

Date (of image) : 1892

Donor : David House

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "All Saints Stranton Archives" collection


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